Monday, September 24, 2018

Worth it or Not: Happy Lemon's Tiger Milk Tea

Food trends never fail to pique my interest. One of the hyped drinks these days is brown sugar milk tea. Marketed to taste like our well-loved taho, it sure got my 100% attention as soon as the posts got to my feed. First on my list was Happy Lemon's Tiger Milk Tea. 

Hello, Happy Lemon.
It has been months (or probably over a year) since I last visited Happy Lemon. But I suddenly had this burning desire to visit a branch after reading great reviews on its "new" Tiger Milk Tea. 
Now made better with brown sugar (arnibal) swirled around the cup, it gives the drink a sweeter and richer flavor, or so what Happy Lemon says. 
Since I totally forgot the name of the drink, I asked for the drink that "tasted like taho." The staff gave me a blank look for about half a minute and then suggested Tiger Milk Tea as it has brown sugar. It sounded about right so I went with one (PHP109 | Large). 
I remember reading that you should go with 50% sweetness (sugar) level as the drink is insanely sweet. But I totally forgot to request for that and the server also failed to ask me. So I present, Tiger Milk Tea at 100% sweetness level.
I hesitantly took a sip and... it was freakin' sweet! I was so scared to mix my drink as it would make it even sweeter. It was a struggle halfway as the drink got even sweeter.

Though one could easily tell that this drink uses brown sugar, it wasn't anything special for me. And it didn't really taste like taho. 

This hype failed me. But foodies with intense love for anything sweet might enjoy this. 

I guess I'll stick with the classic milk tea at Happy Lemon. 

Happy Lemon has several branches nationwide.  

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