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Christmas Hacks: Barcino's Christmas Party Packages and Party Trays

Christmas is just around the corner and with relatives coming home for the holidays and potluck parties filling our calendars, I couldn't help myself from looking for some shortcuts. It is also the busiest time of the year for me so having a little help is very much appreciated. Thankfully, several establishments I patronize are embracing the holiday spirit and are saving most of us from slaving in the kitchen. And one of the newest addition to my list of saviors is Barcino. 

Hello, Barcino
I got an invite from D a few weeks ago inviting me to a tasting of its newest offerings. I thought that it would just be some new dishes in the menu. But I was surprised that it was actually party packages and party trays fit for any occasion. 
You might be wondering the difference between party packages and party trays. Party packages are curated dishes by the Barcino team perfect for groups of 10 and 15 persons while party trays are specific dishes suited for the same number of persons. 
To date, there are 3 available party packages with prices ranging from PHP5,000-6,800 for 10 pax and PHP6,000-8,800 for 15 pax. This pricing sure is attractive and makes me want to host a party pronto!
We got to try Menu Gallego party package and it includes Ensalada de Pollo y Mango, Croquetas Setas, Chorizo Picante Frito, Pollo Empanado con Queso, Paella Negra and Paella de Marisco. This mouthwatering set is priced at a very appealing rate of PHP6,800 for 10 pax and PHP8,800 for 15 pax.
Start your party with some mixed green salad topped with roast chicken strips and mango bits then dressed with citrus vinaigrette. Its sweet, savory and tangy flavors will definitely whet everyone's appetite. 
Don't be fooled by Croquetas Setas' simple look. This golden brown balls stuffed with creamy mushroom is absolutely divine! Think of thick cream of mushroom soup enveloped in perfectly fried coating. Just try to resist having more than 5 as it is one filling dish. 
If you are fond of spicy meats, you'd definitely enjoy Chorizo Picante Frito. Though a tad oily, it's a lovely dish to pair with the rest of the dishes in this set. 
Another perfect party dish is Pollo Empanado con Queso. This rolled chicken thigh stuffed with Manchego cheese reminds me of Chicken Cordon Bleu

The stars of the set are Paella Negra and Paella de Marisco, two of Barcino's bestselling dishes.
Paella Negra made with squid ink and topped with squid may seem flat in the taste department but don't let its simple look fool you as each bite is bursting with flavor. Add some lemon for that contrasting zest!
Hardcore seafood lovers would enjoy Paella de Marisco. A popular choice among Barcino patrons, this dish is generously topped with assorted seafood with humongous prawns stealing the spotlight. Again, this dish is best enjoyed with lemon so don't hesitate to ask for extra wedges!
We also tried two of the 12 party trays namely Pollo Al Ajillo (PHP1,500, 10 pax | PHP2,300, 15 pax) and Tarta e Manzana (PHP860, 10 pax | PHP1,200, 15 pax).
I was surprised that the chicken dish had that slight tangy and citrusy taste. For some reason, it reminded me of our local chicken dish cooked with pineapple. I found it a tad salty though so best serve this with rice. 
We capped our tasting session with Tarta de Manzana, a puff pastry stuffed with custard topped with thin slices of cinnamon apples. I love how this dessert had the perfect level of sweetness. It would be a lovely treat too for afternoon parties or tea sessions. 
The prices of the party packages and party trays sure are very attractive. You get to have a luxurious and scrumptious feast without putting a dent on the wallet. I would definitely consider this when I host a party or attend a potluck event. 

Barcino is located at 5th Floor, SM Aura Premier, McKinley Parkway, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. It also has multiple branches in Metro Manila. 

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