Friday, June 10, 2016

Foodie Alert: Happy Lemon's Bubble Waffles

I have been seeing the mouthwatering eggette or egg waffle of Happy Lemon for quite a while now. The first store I know selling it is Egg-It in Kapitolyo. But I hardly visit the area now so I never had the chance to visit it. So just imagine my excitement when I found out that I do not have to brave the traffic just to go to Kapitolyo or to Makati (to visit The Dessert Kitchen or Milk Trade). Can’t picture it? Just think of a cat person wearing everything with cat prints who never had a cat but wanted a cat and eventually got a cat. Yes, that type of crazy happiness.

But the lukewarm reviews on Happy Lemon’s eggette made me delay my visit to the nearest store. It took me nearly two weeks before I braved the sun and visited the Happy Lemon branch in High Street. 

I asked the server if they have eggette as I didn’t see any signage around. He gave me a puzzled look and I had to repeat what I said. Apparently, he just knows bubble waffle and eggette is unheard of. And so, after a confusing exchange and charades, he told me that they were out of batter. *ugly cry* My 7 minute walk ended up as a waste of time and energy. 
Instead of heading back, I opted to visit Central Square Mall to look for other desserts. I went up to the cinema floor and discovered another Happy Lemon branch! 
I slowly approached the store afraid to hear the words “out of stock”. I hesitantly asked if they have bubble waffle and upon checking the stock, he gave me a sweet yes. *twirls*
I ordered Classic Waffle (PHP85) and patiently waited for around 10 minutes. Soon, the server approached me and handed my warm bubble waffle. 

It was better than I thought! True, it would somehow remind you of egg nog because of the crispy thin parts but it was good. I can’t say that it’s at par with the ones in Hong Kong since I’ve never tried those when I visited. But Happy Lemon’s bubble waffle was pretty good. The bubbles were slightly chewy and fluffy while the thin crispy parts added texture. It may not have any filling inside the bubbles but it was flavorful enough to be enjoyed as is. 

P.S. Bubble Waffles are also available in Chocolate (PHP95) and Matcha (PHP105)

Happy Lemon is located at 4th Floor, Central Square Mall, 5th Avenue, Fort Bonifacio. It is right beside Potato Corner and Kitchitora. 

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