Thursday, September 27, 2018

Steak-ation Weekend with Sterling Silver

One of my favorite things to do these days is to go to the supermarket and look for interesting food finds. Others may call it an errand but I consider it as break from work. And one new find I discovered last week was Sterling Silver steaks.

Hello, Sterling Silver steaks!
Sterling Silver is one of the most trusted brands by restaurants, homemakers and taste makers. And if you pay close attention to your favorite restaurant's menu, chances are, you've seen its logo. 

With its cattle grown at the spacious Schurrtop Ranch in Nebraska, each and every cow get to live and move in a natural environment. Such condition yields tender and high quality meat worth your every penny.
Another great thing Sterling Silver does is its collaboration with chefs. This gives them a better understanding of the market's needs and address each one in the most delectable way. 
I got hold of Sterling Silver's rib eye steak a few weeks back and I was so excited to pop it in the grill for the weekend. 
One thing I adore with rib eye steaks is its beefy taste and more fragrant aroma. And with Sterling Silver you get those and more. Just check out the marbling on these meats!
It is available boneless and bone-in, depending on your preference. I actually prefer bone in as it seems to have more flavor. 
We simply grilled it for a couple of minutes and had it served medium rare.

And just like wagyu, this is best enjoyed with salt for you to fully appreciate its natural beef flavor. 
The best part is that this is now available in Landers Otis, Balintawak, C5 and Alabang for just PHP545.75 for boneless and PHP529.75 for bone in! So anyone up for a steakhouse dinner at home?

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