Tuesday, June 12, 2018

First Bite: Little Flour

It has been several months since Wildflour's new concept Little Flour opened. I've been planning to visit and check out how different it is from the well-loved brunch place but my schedule never cooperated for a short brunch. Luckily, R's friends decided to have dinner there one time to welcome back two balikbayan friends. And it was my chance to sink my teeth into its famous young coconut pie.

Hello, Little Flour.
Little Flour has similar ambiance as Wildflour with its predominantly brown interiors and pastry display. 
One element worth noting is the pile of chairs on the ceiling acting as the restaurant's centerpiece. The chandelier represents Little Flour-- a place where business meals and conversations take place. The light bulbs symbolize the ideas created within those conversations. 
As we wait for others to arrive, I decided to order Vietnamese Latte (PHP160) after trying K's. It had the perfect balance of bitter and sweet. Each sip still had that note of Vietnamese coffee but toned down by the sweetness of condensed milk. If you prefer less sweet version, you might want to ask for the condensed milk to be served on the side. 
K also ordered a slice of Cassava Cake (PHP160) served with homemade coconut jam on the side. And it was great! It was dense and had that delectable firm and sticky texture. The cake itself is sweet enough but you can dip it in coconut jam for extra sweet taste. 

For dinner, I decided to go with the classic and no fail Kimchi Fried Rice (PHP520) while R went with Pork Adobo Fried Rice (PHP290 | PHP450). 
R's Adobo Fried Rice is bang for the buck. The small serving is actually filling and could even be shared by two light eaters. What more for the bigger bowl? 
Taste-wise, it was your classic adobo. The slab of pork was tender and juicy. 
The adobo soy and vinegar based sauce was mixed with rice making each bite delectable. 
My Kimchi Fried Rice was a lot spicier than I remember. I felt the heat in my mouth as soon as I had my first bite. Nonetheless, it was the type of spice that you could not help yourself to stop. 
The beef brisket mixed with kimchi fried rice was very flavorful and tender as well.
To cap our meal, we ordered a slice of Young Coconut Pie (PHP220), a Wild Flour/  Little Flour crowd favorite. The trick to enjoying this pie is to get a bit of the pie from top to bottom. The complex textures--from the flaky base and crisp top crust--of this dessert is what makes it addicting. Top it off with some condensed milk if you want your forkful sweeter. 
I heard that Little Flour is designed to be a more pocket friendly Wildflour. However, its price range is still a bit high compared to other options around the area, and yes, even with the smaller rice bowls priced at under PHP300. 
Overall, it was a lovely meal. Servers were attentive and we were not shooed away despite overstaying for almost an hour. We had such a great time catching up that we didn't notice that it was almost 11 when we left and Little Flour closes at 10 p.m..

Little Flour is located at 4th Avenue corner 31st Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

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