Monday, April 10, 2017

When in Bohol: Bohol Bee Farm

I’ve never been a beach loving person till a few years back when I was dragged out of my house to bask under the scorching sun. The usual me would dread the idea of being burnt black and having to cut down on carbs just to look decent in photos. But for some reason, it became a lot more interesting. I’m not sure if it has something to do with getting older but the relaxing sound of the water hitting the shore or boat and having a carefree life (for at least a few days) were just some of the things I look forward to whenever I visit an island. Of course, good food is also in the picture. And a trip to Bohol is not complete without visiting Bohol Bee Farm. 
Hello, Bohol Bee Farm.
This popular dining destination in Panglao has been a favorite of tourists and locals alike. Aside from its spacious restaurant, the huge compound also houses a nursery of herbs and various plants, spa, and several cottages as B&B accommodations. There are also water sports equipment available for rent for those interested to enjoy the sea.
Since we already booked somewhere near Alona Beach, we decided to just enjoy Bohol Bee Farm’s mouthwatering dishes. 

R went with the bestseller Spare Ribs (PHP290) while I ordered Grilled Fish (PHP360). Both are served with organic red die and a choice between garden salad or cassava fresh lumpia. For drinks, we got Lemongrass Juice (PHP80), Bee Fi (PHP120) and Watermelon Ginger(PHP100).
While waiting for our meal, we were given complementary cab-cab (or cassava paste turned into crackers) with squash bread, mango and malunggay spreads. 

The cab-cab reminded me of fish crackers as it was quite airy. But it has a faint sweet taste which I liked. The soft and fluffy squash bread was baked to perfection and went well with the spreads.

Our drinks were very refreshing and made us feel a bit more comfortable in the very humid al fresco dining space. 
R’s Bee Fi, a blend of camote, mango and pineapple, may sound weird at first but all ingredients work together. 

But I prefer my watermelon ginger which had simpler taste. 

I wasn’t able to try the lemongrass juice as it belonged to R’s dealer. But based on how fast he drank it, it must be very good as well. 

Soon, our mains were served.
We were surprised with our huge plates of spare ribs and grilled fish as both seemed to be good for sharing. Even R’s dealer was overwhelmed and asked us to help him finish his order of spare ribs
The spare ribs were tender and each bite was packed with flavor. However, I was expecting a barbecue type of sauce instead of something that tastes mechado as it was on the sweet side. It was a very Filipino take on spare ribs. Nonetheless, it was pretty good and we managed to finish all of it.
My grilled fish was divine! I loved how flavorful my blue marlin was and that I didn’t have to scrimp on fish per spoonful of rice. 
The garden salad was good too though nothing extraordinary. 
It was just really pretty to take several photos of. 
After our meal, we decided to go down to the dive shop for a few snapshots. 
I noticed that there are also a bunch of lounge chairs you could laze around on while sunbathing and enjoying the picturesque view. I’m just not sure though if non-resort guests could use it but I didn’t see any sign saying such.

Overall, it was a fantastic lunch and I’d definitely dine here again on my next Bohol trip.

Bohol Bee Farm is located at Dao, Dauis, Panglao Island, Bohol.

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