Monday, June 18, 2018

When in Davao: Seda Abreeza Davao

I've been visiting Davao a bit too frequent lately that it's becoming a bit too familiar. We eat at the same places and stay at the same area. But this time around, R and I tried to up it a bit in time for our anniversary and decided to stay at Seda Abreeza Davao. 

Hello, Seda Abreeza Davao
We left for Davao early and had a long day so we were really looking forward to a rewarding stay at Seda.

With its prime location right beside Abreeza Mall, it was a breeze getting here. 
There were ample parking slots for guests and we were lucky to get one near the elevator for easier transfer with our luggage. Note that there is no bell boy to assist you to the main lobby for check in.
When we got to the reception area, we quickly showed our reservation and the receptionist quickly put in our details for check-in. However, we had to wait for about 20 minutes for our room to be ready. To make up for it, we were given complimentary drinks at Misto. I went with cappuccino while R went with Watermelon shake. 
Though I was quite disappointed that we had to wait for several minutes despite coming in at 4 p.m. whereas check-in is at 2 p.m., I liked that Seda took measures to make our experience pleasant by offering drinks.
We decided to take it as an opportunity to check out the amenities on the ground floor--gym and pool.
Our Deluxe room (PHP3,900) was basic but has all the amenities we need throughout our stay. It was missing some hand towels and another bathrobe though so we had to call housekeeping. I was pleased though that they responded to our request in less than a minute. No kidding!
We also got this sweet welcome gift. 
It is a habit of ours to wash up before taking our rest especially if we came from the airport. And as we start to use the washroom, we realized that the sink was clogged so we had to call maintenance for help. It took around 30 minutes before everything was sorted out and it was almost 6 p.m. when we took our slumber. 
Just when we thought that we could finally take that much deserved R&R, our sleep was cut short by our noisy neighbors who happen to be a few rooms away from ours. It seemed that they were celebrating a party of some sort and we heard a lot of laughing and cheering. I had to call the front desk a few times to help call the party goers' attention but to no avail. No one was picking up the phone. It was a good thing though that the party ended around 9 p.m.. But at 11 p.m., another neighbor started to become noisy. And it was the kind of noise that would make people uncomfortable to hear and parents panic if they are with kids. Yes, it's that kind of noise! But it also lasted just before midnight so it was sort of okay. I would hate to call the front desk for this. 
Tired from the lack of sleep and having to wake up early because of our neighbor being noisy on his phone, we requested if we could change rooms. The receptionist was very accommodating and without any question, made the necessary changes and had us moved to another room, and a corner room at that.
While waiting for our new room, R and I decided to have breakfast at Misto which was part of our room package. 
The spread may not be as grand as other hotels but the selection was pretty good. I liked that it had a bit of everything catering to everyone's liking. 
I filled my plate with sausages, bacon and my favorite danggit. I also got some cheeses which were not a lot anymore at 9 a.m.. 
We also had some omelettes made based on our preferences.  
But the winner in that breakfast buffet was the crispy danggit! It was so good! 
After breakfast, we were told by the front desk that our room will be available around lunch time. And since our schedule was pretty light that day, we decided to wait for it so that we could move our luggage ourselves. And to our surprise, we were actually upgraded to a Premier room (PHP5,300) which comes with a kitchenette, balcony and bathtub.  
We even got a complimentary cake and bottle of wine to celebrate our anniversary. Sweet!
But the highlight of this room is its Executive Lounge Access.
To be honest, R and I do not splurge on more premium rooms as we're usually circling around. Thinking that it would just be a waste since we won't be able to maximize it, we never thought of getting a room with club access. 
And who would have thought that this perk is a game changer? I was completely sold to the idea of upgrading. Aside from dining with a view, all-day drinks and pre-dinner cocktails, service here is also a lot better. It is not a surprise though as there are less people here to be waited.
We liked it a lot that we decided to have breakfast there the next day.
Selection may be fewer at the lounge but they sure retained the good ones. And you couljd also request for the ones not displayed.
After experiencing the club lounge, R and I are now more open to upgrades especially during trips where we prefer to just laze around. 
Our stay at Seda did not start off on the right foot but the impeccable fast response of the staff and surpassing my expectations has made me believe that we made the right decision after all to stay at Seda. Though they could not do much with the paper thin walls of the hotel rooms especially when the place is fully booked, I am now assured that they will do their best to make my stay as pleasant as possible. 
Thank you, Seda.

Seda Abreeza is located at Abreeza Ayala Business Park, J.P. Laurel, Davao City, Davao del Sur.

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