Friday, November 24, 2017

Stress-free Holidays: Sobremesa Christmas Packs

Christmas is just around the corner. Okay, maybe it is still a few blocks away. But it is better to be prepared than joining the whole city go crazy during the holiday rush. More than looking for presents, I find prepping potluck meals more time consuming and tiring. Thankfully, there are now several places where I could buy mouthwatering dishes. And one of my favorites is Sobremesa.

Hello again, Sobremesa.
This Peruvian restaurant is definitely more than its talked-about cellphone cages. It offers a variety of dishes catering to meat and veggie lovers or simply anyone who appreciates good food. 

I was overwhelmed with the festive spread prepared before us highlighting its thirteen packed dishes. 
Greens lovers would enjoy munching on Shrimp and Mango Salad (PP550), Calamari Salad with Mango Lime and Jalapeno Dressing (PHP500) and Chicken and Potato Salad (PHP450). However, I had my eyes on the main dishes especially the mouthwatering Honey Pineapple Glaze Crispy Pata (PHP820) so I only had a bit of the Shrimp and Mango Salad. 
But before devouring the crispy sweet pork, I indulged in some seriously good Lengua Estofado (PHP575). While some of the foodies were not fond of the idea that they're sinking their teeth into a cow's tongue, I enjoyed every bit of it. The beautifully cooked meat was delightful. It was tender and the gravy is what every festive meal should have. However, it might be a tad salty for some so it is best to eat this with some rice. 
Beef Brisket Caldereta with Quezo de Bola (PHP590) reminded me of home. The beef chunks were very tender and succulent. The slight cheesy taste tickled my taste buds, making it yearn for more. I had to resist though as there were more dishes waiting for me to try. 
Sobremesa's Lomo Saltado (PHP550) was good too. Each strip of meat had consistent tender texture and flavor. It wasn't as salty as the other lomo saltado I've had from other establishments too making it a good dish to serve to the elders. 
One of my favorites was Milkfish in Soy and Citrus Sauce (PHP500). I might be a bit biased though as I love milkfish. But its salty and tangy taste made this a hit with everyone else.
The Roasted Chicken with Chorizo & Bread Pudding (PHP850) was great too. The slightly charred whole chicken was seasoned well. It was juicy too!
I had a small bit of the Spicy Chili Wings (PHP720, 10 pieces) and it was good too. The wings were bigger than the usual you get from chicken shops and it was not as spicy too making it perfect as snack for reunions. 
Finally, I took a bite of Honey Pineapple Glaze Crispy Pata as finale and... I should have eaten it first. The glaze made the pork skin soft and became less of the crispy pata I know. Tastewise, it was still good. Though I prefer my crispy pata with soy sauce and calamansi, giving it a sweet note was great too and added a holiday feel to it. 
We also tried two of Sobremesa's fried rice--Chorizo & Green Pea Fried Rice (PHP350) and Smoked Fish & Salted Egg Fried Rice (PHP350). If I were to choose though between the two, I'd go with the latter. 
Its grainy texture from the salted egg and the salty taste from the smoked fish made it a winner in my book. I don't even need any other viand to enjoy this. Well, maybe some chopped tomatoes on the side would make it more scrumptious. 
For dessert, we had Cheesecake in banana, mango and blueberry (PHP1,650). It is also available in strawberry. Though I found it too sweet and cloying, others loved it. 
Overall, it was one filling tasting session and I would love to order some of the dishes soon. 
If ever you have no time to drop by, you can also order these dishes via Food Panda. Just order at least 2 hours in advance to give Sobremesa ample time to prepare your order. They also accept catering services at a minimum of PHP15,000 if done inside the restaurant and PHP30,000 outside and within Metro Manila. 
Sobremesa is located at Ground Floor, Sapphire Bloc, Sapphire Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

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