Wednesday, August 9, 2017

When in Bacolod: The Ruins

It was my first time in Bacolod last month so I planned to do the most touristy activity... visit The Ruins. However, Mother Nature seemed to be against the idea as it kept raining when we were there. But after some (sweet) nagging and not so beautiful eyes, I managed to convince R with the help of his local dealers. 

Hello, The Ruins.
I was so excited to take photos of the beautiful architecture. I even checked Instagram for inspiration. 
We quickly paid for parking (PHP20) and entrance fee (PHP100/adult) and headed straight to the main attraction. However, I had no idea that the place gets packed on a Friday night. 
I wasn't able to take a single frame without people or selfie sticks. And it made me frustrated that I ended up drinking two bottles of beer in no time. (Well, it was quite humid too that day as it drizzled half an hour before we got there.)
I settled with taking photos of the fountain and the interiors instead.
As much as I would like to join the group touring the place, the tour guide was speaking in local dialect so I was lost in translation. 
But something magical happened. Everyone left around 7 p.m. and I had the whole place to myself!
Thank you, timer!
I quickly took snapshots of the majestic structure and even used the reflective glass table to get that beautiful illusion that the place is across a pond. 
Some small groups came in 20 minutes later but I already got my shots by that time. 

I guess it's best to go early on a weekday and if you're only free on weekends, come in late to avoid the crowd.

I'd definitely be back for some daytime shots!

The Ruins is located at Hda. Sta. Maria, Talisay, Negros Occidental. For inquries, contact them at +63 34 476 4334.

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