Friday, August 11, 2017

First Bite: Falafel Yo!

Tired of the usual popcorn, chips, candy, soda and iced tea as your movie snacks and drinks? Then how about some Israeli treat? No, I'm not talking about moussaka, shakshouka or kebab. I was referring to a more easy-to-eat snack--falafel.
Hello, Falafel Yo!

Falafel Yo! is the new brainchild of the group handling Chaplin. It was no surprise though that the group will be opening its own falafel brand as it is one of Chaplin's bestselling dishes. 
Located at the cinema level of Greenbelt 3, Falafel Yo easily pops up from the rest of the stores with its Machuca-tiled counter. 
I was warmly greeted by Michelle and offered me some freshly deep-fried salted pita sticks while I wait for my Falafel Yo (PHP159), Falafel Beast (PHP189) and Falafelito (PHP99).
It took a while for them to prepare my falafels as I dropped by with no fried chickpeas or meat ready to be stuffed in the pita. 
As I continue to munch on the delicious not for sale (but free) pita with hummus, I sampled Falafel Yo's Lemongrass (PHP85, small | PHP95, medium | PHP105, large). 

And it was so good! You could tell from the color of the drink that it's not diluted making it bang for the buck. The blend of flavors from the herbs were refreshing too and went well with my snack. 
First served was my Falafel Yo and I loved it! The dark brown balls made of chickpeas, garlic, parsley, coriander and other Mediterranean spices would make you feel like you're munching on something healthy despite it being fried. 
Though it tends to be a bit dry when eaten alone, the fresh greens (or side salads as Falafel Yo calls it) such as tomatoes, cucumber, sumac (or pickled onions), green chili, cabbage and sauces like tahini (combination of sesame seeds, parsley and coriander) and amba (cumin, mango and tumeric) beautifully complement the healthy treat making it very addicting. 
And since most Filipinos are meat lovers, Falafel Yo tweaked the famous dish to please the local palate with its Falafel Beast which uses beef with the original falafel mixture. Think of it as a soft introduction to falafels. 

I liked Falafel Yo more than Falafel Beast though as the latter had a slight burnt  taste.
The Falafelito is ideal for kids and those who have small appetite. For PHP99, you can choose between Falafel Yo or Falafel Beast. Yes, you can get original or beef version for the same price with Falafelito. 
I'd recommend getting the Falafelito if you're not that hungry. I've had Falafel Yo as my first meal and I couldn't even get to finish half of it. And I'm a person with a tummy used to food crawls!

Falafel Yo! definitely offers value for money dishes and I'd drop by again when I'm around the area. 

Falafel Yo is located at Cinema Level, Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center, Makati City. For inquries, contact 946 5335.  

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