Monday, June 8, 2015

Love at First Bite: Café Seol Hwa

This is probably one of the longest summers ever! The intense heat is too crazy that it makes me lethargic on weekends. But the heat didn’t discourage me to head out to grab a nice cold treat.

Hello, Café Seol Hwa!
I have been drooling over this Korean dessert place for months. Since the desserts at Café Seol Hwa seem to be good for sharing, I opted not to visit on my own. So one Sunday, before my mom and sister could drop me off, I asked them to visit the place with me. And they agreed. Hooray for captured market!
Café Seol Hwa was packed when we dropped by. My mom though was one wise diner and approached one of the servers and asked for a table for three while we order.  And we got one right in less than 5 minutes! Oh yeah~

While waiting in line, noticed that the place is decorated by trick eye wall paintings. Too bad though that the place was too packed for us to pose with each one.

I chose Pat Bing Su (PHP190) and Mango Bing Su (PHP170) for sharing while my mom ordered Mochachino (PHP155).
First served was my mom’s drink and it was chocolatey yet not too sweet making it still a refreshing drink.
The Mango Bing Su was served next and it was delightful. The finely shaved and sweetened milk ice with the slightly tangy mango slices on top plus the sweet mango bits buried in ice was perfect to battle this heat! We all loved it! (Well, my mom didn’t really like the tangy mango but I went gaga over it.)
The Pat Bing Su was served last and we noticed that they served the red beans separately. We figured it must be because not everyone likes red beans. The rice cakes and powdered rice cakes (in the middle) made a nice contrast of texture. I also loved the crunch from the sliced almonds. Yum!
I will definitely visit this Korean dessert wonderland again soon and try the Strawberry Bing Su and toasts! <3

Café Seol Hwa is located at Forum South Global, Federacion Drive corner 7th Avenue, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. 

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