Tuesday, April 18, 2017

First Bite: Plaza Brew

It sucks to be in such a gorgeous city yet not know where to eat. I tried to look online but there are not a lot of sites that offer restaurant suggestions. And since we wanted to maximize our day and not waste it looking for a place to have lunch, R and I settled with the café beside The Plaza.

Hello, Plaza Brew!
This café was still in its soft opening when we visited. Aside from the other table near the counter, we were the only diners during lunch. I’m not sure if locals find the place intimidating given that it is right beside a hotel or if they are not adventurous enough to try a new restaurant. 
R wasn’t really hungry then but I was so I ordered Beef Kebab (with an option of buttered rice or pita bread PHP220, add PHP20 for iced tea or orange juice) and Green Tea Latte (PHP120, over ice).
While waiting, R took advantage of the complementary wi-fi. I, on the other hand, went crazy with some of the nifty displays of the cafe
Service was quick and our drinks were served in less than 10 minutes. My plate of kebab was served a couple of minutes later. 

The beef kebab was not as tender as I wanted it to be. It had a faint taste of herbs and spices but not strong enough to say that each bite was oozing with flavors. I had to drown each mouthful with yogurt sauce for more taste. 
But it did its job in satisfying the grumpy tummy.
My green tea latte was watered down and had no flavor whatsoever. I had to ask for some syrup to add taste to it. 
Thankfully, the liquid magic did make my beverage better.

Overall, food was below average. However, this place is not a hopeless case. It’s just a matter of adding a bit more taste to its food and drinks. Maybe I’ll go back here to give its pastries a try.

Plaza Brew is located at The Plaza Hotel, Ground Floor, Bonifacio Street, City of Balanga, Bataan. 

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