Monday, April 24, 2017

Beat the Heat:Shakeaway

This year’s summer is insane! The scorching heat is just too much and it makes me crave for cold treats every hour (or two). Thankfully, one of the cold dessert shops I’ve been eying for months finally opened its doors in Uptown Mall making it a lot more accessible to me than its first branch in U.P. Town Center. Yes, those two are different locations and are quite far from each other. And yes, I am talking about Shakeaway.

Hello, Shakeaway!
I was welcomed by a bright and predominantly white store. The first thing I noticed was the bunch of white containers by the counter which reminds me of a pharmacy. Apparently, that’s where Shakeaway puts its sweet treats. If I were to count the number of containers on display, I’m sure it’d be over 100 as there are 180 flavors and toppings to choose from!
Just like most first timers, I was overwhelmed with the number of choices and it took me several minutes before I decided to go with Strawberry-Kiwi-Kinder Bueno-Lotus Biscoff Cookie-Granola combo for my Regular Milkshake (PHP190 + add ons) with ice cream as base.
I was told that it’s best to not go crazy with flavors and toppings for you to better appreciate the ingredients you chose and they were right. I couldn’t really taste the strawberry and kiwi as the chocolate taste of Kinder Bueno was a bit too strong. But one thing I liked about my drink was that it wasn’t too sweet. 
I guess the tanginess of the fruits balanced Kinder. The granola though was a wrong move on my end as it kept on clogging the straw. I’ll reserve granola for frozen yogurt instead.  
Instead of trying another drink, I decided to try one of Shakeaway’s bestselling frozen yogurt combinations, Davina (PHP330, regular | PHP390, large). 
This sinful take on healthy yogurt is simply divine! I loved the generous serving of Ferrero Rocher, Kinder Bueno and Cadbury Flakes. 
I was pleasantly surprised that there were also chocolate chunks at the bottom of my yogurt! It made its relatively steep price (you have to add PHP80 for Davina given its premium toppings) worth it!
I can’t wait to try the other milkshakes and yogurts! I have to try Millionaire’s Milkshake (PHP900) next time and find out what gold tastes like! 
Shakeaway is located at 4th Floor, Uptown Mall, 9th Avenue, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig. It is right across the Uptown Mall Chapel.

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