Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Second Bite: K&L Café

Summer is here and the intense heat is driving me crazy. I want to walk around especially during food trips but the sun wants to fry an egg on my head. So when J and I went on a White Plains food trip, we try to escape the heat by having saba con yelo (hielo) at Pan de Amerikana (and brewed coffee and pandesal for a sasaw sa kape afternoon treat). And after a bit of cooling down, we were game to visit our last stop… K&L Café.

Hello again, K&L Café.

It has been quite a while since I last visited the adorable K&L Café.

They were busy setting up for a mini gathering when we arrived so we were requested to dine at the second floor.
The second floor is pretty cute too. The wall ornaments and the frosted window with the logo of the shop made the place homey.

After checking the menu, we went with the following: Longganisa Locale (PHP219), Mozz-Ham-rella Sticks (PHP195), and Ultimate Red Velvet Pancakes (PHP295). We also got Strawberry Calamansi (PHP95) and one of their new drinks that I forgot to take note of.
First served were our drinks. I loved J’s drink as it was sweet yet citrusy. Mine, on the other hand, was a bit too sweet and wasn’t much of a thirst quencher.
The mozzarella (with ham) sticks were served next. Served warm, the stretchy mozzarella with bits of ham was a great appetizer. I’m sure cheese-loving kids would love this dish.
I also loved the pasta. The bits of longganisa had a bit of crunch and were flavorful but not overpowering. It was quite oily though but it was too yummy to resist!
J liked the Red Velvet Pancakes though he could be a bit biased as he loves red velvet. As always, this plate of pancakes fills the tummy fast. We hardly get to eat half of it. >.<
It has been another delightful meal, K&L Café. I’ll see you again soon!

K&L Café is located at 138 White Plains, Katipunan Avenue, St. Ignatius, Quezon City. Call 234-5965 or 986-0704 for inquiries or reservations.

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