Monday, February 16, 2015

Restaurant Discovery: Buffalo Wild Wings

Capitol Commons is starting to become a foodie destination. At first, I was lazy to visit the place as I have already visited Tipsy Pig, Black Olive, Sentro1771 and Nomama. But my Instagram feed went crazy one time with so many posts about this new wings place in Estancia Mall. And it sure made me curious. So…

Hello, Buffalo Wild Wings!
The place was quite packed with yuppies on a weeknight. (I can’t imagine how packed it will be when the big games are on!)
Since we were quite hungry, we didn’t mind being at the bar. After browsing the menu, R and I decided to go for the following: Pepper Jack Steak Wrap (PHP495), Naked Tenders (PHP395) and Traditional wings with Honey BBQ sauce (PHP295, snack | PHP495, small | PHP695, medium | PHP895, large). We also got unlimited iced tea and lemonade.
First served were our drinks.
The lemonade was super sweet! I had a hard time finishing my first glass and I even had to ask the server to mix the second one with water to dilute it.
The next dish served was the naked tenders. It sure looked… naked. It was a pretty straightforward no frills dish. Grilled chicken that was well seasoned paired with fries. It was pretty good though the fries were quite soggy.
The Pepper Jack steak wrap though was divine! I’m craving it right now as I write down this entry. Wrap stuffed with prime rib, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, pico de gallo and southwestern ranch dressing made my night! At first, I thought that it was pricey but after finishing half of the wrap, I realized that it was a heavy dish. I’ll definitely order this again!
The wings on the other hand were pretty much ordinary. I was quite worried at first as I have low tolerance for spicy food (except for Cheetos Jalapeño) and R seems to be the type who wants his wings spicy hence compromising to getting a sauce somewhere in the middle. I was surprised though that the Honey BBQ wasn’t spicy at all. Snack size too was too small for sharing if you’ll just have that.
Overall, it was a good dinner and I will definitely be back to try the flat breads.
Since someone wants to photobomb.
Buffalo Wild Wings is located at Ground Floor, Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons, Oranbo, Pasig City. 

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