Monday, February 11, 2013

The Royalty Life: Hearst Castle

So after our mini stop to Solvang, we went all the way up to Hearst Castle. On our way to the huge mansion of William Hearst, we watched a video explaining the history of the 40,000 acres ranch land and how the host pampers his select guests.
It sure was a loooong way up to Hearst Castle but the grandeur sure made the trip worth it. We were greeted by the huge door of the castle and we were in awe.
Flash photography was strictly prohibited inside the castle but most of our tour mates were not as cooperative and kept on using flash and stepping outside the carpeted area (a big no-no to our tour guide who almost lost her patience).
The castle had this eerie haunted mansion feel because of the paintings. I was mesmerized though by the paintings in the living area.
The dining area reminded me of a Harry Potter setting. I was just waiting for Harry to fly by with his broom. 
It was interesting that the table setup has sample food items that were actually served before.
We were then led to the home entertainment room which was literally a mini home theatre. We were not allowed to sit at the “real seats” but there were benches at the back where we sat while watching the film we watched on our way to the castle.
I was quite disappointed finding out that the home theatre room was the last stop. That was it? But the frown was wiped away by what I saw outside. There were huge bushes with flowers and a cute corner with a bench that could pass for a Romeo and Juliet meet up place.
But the highlight of the tour was… the outdoor pool. It was just so… amazing. N and I had a blast taking photos around the pool pretending we own the place.
Before leaving the place, we passed by pool #2 which is an indoor pool which was also shown in the video. The outdoor pool though surpassed it by a mile and a half.
The overall castle trip was short but definitely sweet.
The road on the way back.
Hearst Castle is located at 750 Hearst Castle Rd  San Simeon, CA 93452.

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