Friday, February 1, 2013

Food Truck: Tako

Food trucks. It is starting to create a wave here in Manila. There are now Mexican food trucks, ice cream trucks, and even a fruit juice truck. (Jamba Juice, anyone?) But in other countries, there are more choices. N and I spotted a Korean food truck on our way back from San Francisco and we just have to eat there (since we needed a break from Chinese food—as our tour guide kept on bringing us to Chinese restaurants throughout our 3 day tour!). 
Hello, Tako!
This Korean barbeque fusion food truck has a simple menu (well I think most if not all food trucks have simple menus). You have 6 choices for meat—bulgogi, spicy pork, spicy spam, short ribs, spicy chicken, and tofu. The fun part is that you can have it on rice, tacos, or even turn it into a burrito, quesadilla or burger. Since the drive’s still pretty long, N and I opted to have rice bowls instead.
For $7, it was a pretty good deal as each bowl had lots of meat, rice and veggies! Plus the bulgogi was flavorful. I opted to get bulgogi as I have low tolerance for anything spicy while N ordered spicy pork. (My mom said that though that my tolerance is getting higher as I managed to eat a lot of spicy chips without water! Horray!) The meat was tender and had this sweet taste that I love. It was also drizzled with sesame seeds!
I wasn’t able to finish my bowl but was forced by N to finish all the meat. 
It was a definitely a good meal. Plus eating outside under the warm sun (well there was a tent)with the cool fall breeze… perfect.<3

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