Tuesday, February 12, 2013

After Dinner Stop: Meow Meow Cafe

Milk tea is such a craze here in Manila and every time I think that it’s slowing down, I see a packed milk tea place. But things are a bit different in the US. Perhaps the boba craze has been long over in the US so there were no long lines or waits in the shops. At first I was a bit skeptical with the taste given there was no line. But I was wrong.

Hello, Meow Meow Café!
The first thing I noticed was that the surrounding area is filled with high school students. I felt young for a moment there. :)
The place had a few customers so when we arrived, we were next in line. N and I got a Brown Sugar Milk Tea each ($3.50) and it sure was sweet. The pearls (or boba as they call it) were chewy and not the yucky gooey type. It sure was love.
I love the added texture given by the brown sugar sprinkled on top. It gave a bit of roughness and crunch. It was a tad too sweet though but since we were having it for dessert, it made my sweet tooth smile.

I felt bad though that we both failed to finish our drinks as we were too full from dinner (from The Shack which I will blog about soon). But given another chance to pass by the area, I will definitely stop by Meow Meow Café again.
*By the way, forgive my outdated photos. I visited the place way back in October thus the Halloween decorations.

Meow Meow Café is located at 3646 Nogales St., West Covina, CA, 91792.

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