Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Restaurant Love: Apartment 1B

I hate goodbyes so I normally say “see you again soon” even though I know that soon isn’t really soon. At least it doesn’t sound like an end right? Despedidas are meant to wish the person leaving a happy trip and not a sob exchange fest. And I think that’s what happened during Frannywanny’s despedida lunch with the Creative Solutions team.

We had a hard time choosing where to eat as we had a lot of choices and by a lot I mean A LOT. We’re lucky to have an office near foodie spots. There’s Kapitolyo, Ortigas, Makati and The Fort a few minutes away from our office. After a few uhms and aahs, we finally decided to go to Apartment 1B.

The place was pretty packed for a weekday (fine, it was a Friday). I was excited as I have never tried their food before. Frannywanny suggested that we share an order of Eggs Benedict with Salmon and Spinach (1 pc., PHP460; 2 pcs., 790) and Three Cheese Vegetable Lasagna (PHP490). For starters and for sharing with the whole team, we ordered Baked Samosas (PHP350) and Chicken Quesadilla (PHP350).

We arrived a bit late so we were nursing really grumpy tummies already so when the starters came, we had little patience to take photos as we just want to eat. So as soon as we took some photos, we started to attack the dishes.
The Baked Samosas were divine. Stuffed with mushrooms, spinach and cream cheese (plus served warm), this is a yummy dish to start your meal. It had a slight crunch and I just love the slight tanginess of the cream cheese.
The chicken quesadillas was more flavorful than the samosas. Each quesadilla was filled with chopped chicken and it went so well with the tomato salsa and the sour cream. I personally love the sour cream (well, I love anything sour).

After a few minutes, our other orders arrived. (Service was quite quick.)
The Three Cheese Vegetable Lasagna tasted really healthy despite it oozing with oil (which I assume is aa healthier kind). I find it rather bland and not as cheesy as I wanted it to be but the pasta was cooked well and it sure was filling as well. I just hope that it wasn’t as oily.
The Eggs Benedict though was L-O-V-E. I just love eggs and the poached eggs on this one were cooked heavenly. The eggs were seasoned well and the salmon was soft and fresh. The wheat English muffins were slightly hard though so I opted to munch on the hollandaise fries instead (which I realized was too filling).
Overall, the lunch was great. Our table was filled with not just good food but fun stories to share and remember.

Till next time, Frannywanny.

Apartment 1B is located at the Ground Floor, One Rockwell East Tower, Rockwell Center.

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  1. yes definitely till next time, ML!! miss u and the team so much!


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