Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cheap Thrill: Mini Stop Choco Strawberry Ice Cream

Remember the creamy and oh-so yummy Hershey’s Dark Chocolate of Mini Stop? Well, I do and I can still recall how my small eyes widen every time I get to have it for dessert. I could say that I’m lucky that my place is very near a Mini Stop branch and that I could buy it while wearing my pajamas.

After work, I passed by Mini Stop to buy some snacks when I noticed something new. NEW ICE CREAM! Choco Strawberry… hmm… sounds yummy. 


No, it was not the ice cream that failed me. When I went to Mini Stop to buy one, it was out of stock. :( I guess that proves that the ice cream was indeed good. 
My second attempt to buy was a success. I still remember that it was right after my dental appointment. (Way to go, right?)

The texture was similar to the Hershey’s Dark Chocolate ice cream. It was soft, creamy… and quite similar to gelato. 

Familiar with this one?
The taste of the latest ice cream of Mini Stop tastes like this one… very similar to this Meiji chocolate love. It was definitely chocolatey yet you could not ignore the strawberry flavor. I know that not everyone is into strawberries but this is definitely worth a try even if you cringe whenever you see strawberries.

What are you waiting for? Buy one… NOW! 

Cheap-o tip: Buy the PHP15 giant sundae cone instead of the PHP18 ice cream in a Twinkee cup. It looks like it has bigger serving and the container is edible. BUT eat it FAST. It melts like crazy. Well, unless you are in a cool place (no, not cool like nice but cool as “brrrr”).

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