Wednesday, October 26, 2011

IN goes the burger N a burp comes OUT

“Go to In N Out!!!” was what my friends told me when I told them that I will be visiting L.A. soon.
Day 2 in L.A. means In-N-Out trip. 
We made sure to eat inside as the drive thru queue was quite long. “It was a craze that people haven’t gotten over… yet” was what our American companion said.

Inside, it looked like a typical fast food chain.
The menu was pretty simple with very few choices yet making our (fast food junkies) lives easier.  We chose #3 (actually I chose #2 but the girl got our orders wrong).

Anyway, I didn’t know that the serving of fries was crazy. The burger’s size was normal but I was surprised that the fries for four could fill one tray. Carbs overload!

Ssshhh... the fries are sleeping.
The fries were good as it was made from real potatoes (my sister saw some servers peeling potatoes in the kitchen). You must eat it right away though as it becomes stale over time.

As for our burgers, for a very simple kind, it sure was tasty. The meat was flavorful and succulent. Even without the extra catsup or what not, it was good as is.

Double Double Burger
My sister also ordered a vanilla milk shake and she loved it. She said that it was really creamy and it was like she was drinking vanilla ice cream. I was not in the mood for milk shakes that time but seeing her happy face while slurping sure made me consider buying one for myself. *Self-control needed now!*

I’m hoping that I could try #2 and those animal fries and milkshake before flying to Florida.
See you again soon!


  1. Can't agree more! I heard that this is a family business and they are iffy to have it franchised. Let's hope that they will change their minds soon.

  2. Parang sarap nga, try din white castle? tell us how it is.


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