Thursday, April 21, 2011

A new found travel must-have

Before heading back to the office one Tuesday afternoon, the editorial team (of one of the titles we handle) and I decided to stop by Travel Café Philippines hidden below the escalator of SMX convention. I was not sure what to order since it was my first time to buy something from that quaint café.
I asked the staff to choose for me. I was not very hungry then so I asked them to choose a muffin and tea for me. The lady who assisted me recommended Hazelnut muffin and Basil and Calamansi Tea. I was actually hesitant with the idea of drinking HOT tea during summer but since it sounded so delicious (I love calamansi and everything sour), I gave in.
After a bite of the muffin (sorry, no picture because I immediately took a bite without thinking of taking a picture of it), I was happy. It was really good. The muffin was soft, moist, and chocolatey good. The core of the muffin has this creamy hazelnut filling (which I find it a bit too sweet though).
The tea though was good. I didn’t have to add extra sugar because the taste was already okay. The sour calamansi and the minty basil taste were very refreshing. I will definitely buy more of that in the near future.

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