Monday, April 11, 2011

Loco over Rio

Rio is LOVE.
The first scene alone was enough to make me smile like a lunatic. Vibrant colors, upbeat music, flying birds everywhere!!!
A loving owner, great friends who can sing, a slobbering bulldog that can dance, and two blue-feathered endangered blue macaw birds trying to escape the “bird smugglers”, a winning combination.
The movie was able to make the story very endearing, funny, and pleasing to the eyes. Watching it in 3D will make you appreciate it even more. FLYING BIRDS EVERYWHERE!!!The bright colored feathers of the different birds were such a treat.
There were also a lot of unexpected witty lines such as “I have beautiful eyes”. Great great job to the writers, producers and director of this movie!
Watch it and be prepared to be in love with Blu, Jewel, Linda, and yes, even Fernando (the kid who stole Blu and Jewel).

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