Monday, April 25, 2011

A sip of happiness

A trip to Greenhills is not complete without visiting Happy Lemon. I don’t know why but this little tea store seemed to have casted a spell on me that makes me go there every time I go to Greenhills.
That cute yellow place is really something else. Yes, even when the floor and windows are dirty, people do not seem to mind (the place was a mess when I visited it during Easter).

Since I made a vow to “order something else” every time I visit a place I’ve been before, I tried Lemon Honey with Seaweed Jelly… just because it seemed refreshing. My mom (who happens to be my complete opposite) ordered my so-far-favorite Crispy Cocoa Milk Tea with Brown Sugar Jelly drink just because I told her I tried it before and it was good.
My Tea. My Mom's Tea. Someone's tea.
The image of Lemon Honey with Seaweed Jelly (gosh, this is such a long name) did not fail my impression of it being a refreshing drink. It was a bit sour (since its lemon) but it is not something that will make your eyes go crazy. I was a bit disappointed with the Seaweed Jelly since it is just tasteless green jelly. It would have been nice if they just made it sweet or something… as long as there’s taste. Nonetheless, it was totally different from what I tried before. (It was more like lemonade than tea… or maybe because it is really lemonade. Not very sure here.)
Refreshingly goooooood.
I can’t wait to go back for more Happy Lemon happiness. I do hope though that the place will be cleaner by the time I visit it again.

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