Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Serenitea Love

My first cup of Serenitea goodness was when my officemates decided to have some delivered after lunch. I was pretty clueless with what that was but since I saw everyone excited, I told myself that this must be something worth trying.

I wanted to play safe so I ordered Hokkaido (50% sweetness) since I heard that it is one of Serenitea’s best sellers. And they were right. Hokkaido tastes really good. It is not very sweet and the tapioca balls were chewy. J

TEA! :)
Last Saturday (Black Saturday), I saw Serenitea at ATC and I decided to buy Wintermelon Milk Tea instead with extra pearls (#3 in their top 10 list). 

Wintermelon Milk Tea
I’m not very sure but it seemed that it tasted just like Hokkaido. Nonetheless, it was goooood. J


  1. haha you're right it tasted like hokkaido because they have the same tea base (assam tea) only difference is hokkaido has a more caramel-y taste while wintermelon and okinawa has brown sugar added instead. :)

  2. i wanna try. i loved gong cha's wintermelon milk tea!


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