Friday, April 22, 2011

Another reason to meet friends and chat

 Chatime is good! Chatime is the new Serenitea! Chatime is love.
These are just some of the reviews I heard from people around me that made me so curious about Chatime. What pushed me to check the place out was my boss’ blog about it. The interior of the new tea house in Pioneer Center is super cute and cozy. Chatime also has a lot of tea to choose from.
When I arrived, the crew who attended to me was very helpful. Well, I was the only person they need to attend to then so I think there’s no reason to ignore me.
I noticed that they kept on suggesting milk tea. Well, it is their best seller but I am not very fond of it. So, I opted to order Japanese Sakura Sencha (thinking that since I won’t have the chance to see the cherry blossoms, at least I have the chance to drink it… okay, it does not sound very logical).
While waiting for my drink, I checked the place out and it was just like how it was described by the blogs I read. It was really cute.

Finally, my drink was served. It was quite sweet (probably because of the tapioca balls and because I asked for 50% sugar). It was really good. Love love love. It was not like those other teas that tasted like well… juice.
I will definitely go back for more. J

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