Saturday, March 5, 2011

Craving for some Cravings’ Roast beef

Since my birthday fell on a weekend, I had a 2-day celebration. *Woohoo for my tummy but boohoo for my wallet.* On the last day of my 2-day celebration, my family and I decided to have dinner at Cravings at Shangri-la after “hunting” for a gown for my sister.
I usually order salmon but for some reason, I craved for roast beef on that day. Knowing that Cravings’ roast beef is good, I decided to order that (and I get to have Splurge on Salad for free). My sister and mom were not very hungry so they opted for club sandwich and triple cheese macaroni (and added Splurge on Salad).
I love Cravings’ salad bar. The macaroni salad is a guaranteed yummy and the veggies are always fresh. I noticed that they added nachos with salsa dip. As for the soup, it was supposed to be chicken soup but it tasted like chicken BROTH soup.

I was also disappointed with the roast beef. It was quite dry. At first I thought that it just needed more gravy but it did not help at all. The beef itself was dry. Good thing though that the mashed potato was good.

As for the club sandwich, it was quite savory. No wonder my sister is addicted to it. It is a bit hard to eat it since it is very uh… tall. But the tomato, bacon, and everything else added flavor to the sandwich which made it so good. The stick used to make the sandwich stay put was also very interesting. Normally, restaurants use toothpicks for that but Cravings use this edible thin stick (bread stick?) instead. I was so surprised when my sister munched on the stick.

We were not able to eat the triple cheese macaroni anymore since we “abused” the Splurge on Salad. But it looks and smells good. J

The menu has a combination of affordable and expensive dishes. It is best to order one main course to get the free Splurge on Salad than pay P290 for the eat all you can salad. The service was quite good and the ambiance is relaxing. My UA&P Alumni card is no longer valid though. So, good bye 10% discount. L

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