Wednesday, March 2, 2011

L’amour for La Creperie

I would have never thought that the quaint café that I pass by every time I go to The Ramp serves good crepes. At first, I thought that it is just another crepe place pretending to sell crepes when in fact they are selling PANCAKES. Such is not true for La Creperie… I assure you. The crepes are just right and same goes for the price. 

I ordered Bananas Foster since it was the only crepe I saw that is served with ice cream without being charged more. (Yes, I am addicted to ice cream and I am a cheapskate. A cheapskate ice cream addict.)
Bananas Foster--Yes, it is not photogenic. :(
My friends ordered Mango Hazelnut au Chocolat and La Christine (this was what I originally planned to order since it has strawberries!!!).

Mango Hazelnut au Chocolat
La Christine

My order looked rather… plain. It has quite a rich flavor though despite it being plain-looking. I just find the crepe a bit too soft. I was looking for a bit of crunch or bite factor. The bananas were also a bit too soft. It made me feel like a baby or an old lady eating pre-chewed bananas.

I guess you are now wondering why I said that this place is a good place to eat crepes. Well… throughout the night I was wishing I ordered either the Mango Hazelnut au Chocolat or the La Christine for both are quite good. The La Christine has a bit of sour taste from the strawberries but it helped balanced the sweetness of the crepe. The Mango Hazelnut au Chocolat on the other hand has that bit of crunch that I was looking for because of the bits of hazelnut. 

Overall, the experience was quite pleasant. The ambiance was good given that the store is in Shangri-la (my favorite mall). Also, the price is not bad at all. For three crepes, we paid about P500. Some crepes I tried before cost around P300 and it is a pancake disguising itself as crepe.
I will definitely go back to La Creperie but this time I will order La Christine with an extra order of ice cream. :)

With my crepe :)

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