Saturday, March 5, 2011

Gaga over Yhansy

My first encounter with Yhansy was when I was conducting a survey for a shoe company. One of the girls I surveyed was carrying a Yhansy paper bag. I thought that it was a hat store since the girl bought a hat and I was clueless to what that store sells.
Since I frequent Schu and Una Rosa, I finally saw the cute sky-blue store. It sells something I have a weak spot on… bags. The bags though were very familiar. I saw the same bags when I visited Dongdaemun (and it was a lot cheaper as well). The accessories were a bit pricey for me but my visit today blew me away. But to backtrack a bit, let me share with you what made me go back to Yhansy:
I was forced to hunt for accessories (futuristic at that) for my sister’s grad ball. *Mental note: Futuristic not cute futuristiiiiiiic!*
I first went to Accessorize since it has a lot of accessories (thus the name). But I was not able to find anything futuristic. I was tempted to buy a necklace though but it was a bit expensive (since I need to save a lot for Cirque du Soleil). I then remembered Yhansy. *Off to the 5th Floor of Shangri-La*
The accessories were very affordable (almost within F21 price range) and it is quite evident that the quality is there. The products seem sturdy and are not those disposable necklaces, bracelets, etc. that last for only a day or two.  So, instead of buying accessories for my sister, I also bought some for myself. I bought a long necklace, chunky necklace, and a bangle for myself while dangling earrings and bracelet for my sister.
I would like to highlight the bangle I bought for I find it really nice. Below is a picture of it. Purttty. J
The lock is quite unique. It is like a hardened belt. There are several other colors available (pink, red, grey) but white stood out for me.
I will definitely go back for more. I hope that the sale will last until next month. J 

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