Sunday, March 13, 2011

Market! Market! = Fun! Fun!

I hardly visit Market! Market! because it is a bit far from my place and I find the mall to be crowded all the time. But my visit today made me realize that this mall in Taguig isn’t that bad after all.
It all started when I was trying to organize a laser tag event. I know that there is a laser tag arena in Market! Market thus when we were thinking of a place to play this really cool game (sorry, hooked to playing laser tag), I immediately thought of Market! Market! (especially since the other options are a bit too far—i.e. Ayala Town Center).
Since I wanted to make sure that the laser tag place where I played before is still there, I checked several sites (even to the point of texting the manager of the arena) and to my relief, LazerXtreme, Market! Market! is still very much alive. I found out other interesting things too. There are other activities to do in Market! Market! such as Camp Sandugo’s wall climbing, vertical bungee jumping (where you have to ring the bell), and food shopping.
Laser tag is so addicting. One game is not enough. At P190 per game, it may sound pricey but it is worth it. It is 20 minutes of sweaty fun! Okay, maybe it does not sound very attractive especially to girls but with a mere P190, you gain a unique experience + lesser calories and fats + new friends (or enemies). You also get a P20 discount if you play another game plus a glass of iced tea if you are the top player of the game. J
The inspiration... free iced tea

The gear
Camp Sandugo wall climbing is also a cheap way to kill time. At P50 for a single climb, you already get a belayer’s assistance. I think that this is a better deal compared to the unlimited climb at P140 without a belayer. You need to add P200 for belayer’s assistance. If you are the type who wants to make sure that everything will be fine, you could also rent climbing shoes at P50. Not sure how many times one can climb to make P340 worthwhile. Anyway, I opted to avail the single climb. I was super scared though because the last time I tried wall climbing was when I was still in high school (and please do not do the math) and the wall was way lower than Camp Sandugo’s. Nonetheless, reaching the top is one great accomplishment. J


I am not very keen though with the food shopping part. True, I find the area well-organized with the delicacies of different regions on separate kiosks. But for some reason, this also seems like a tourist trap. The delicacies were OVERPRICED. My grandmother was craving for Mountain Maid (Good Shepherd’s) Ube Jam and since I love her oh so much and just can’t resist spoiling her that I bought a jar for P480. I know that it is around P200 at Baguio. True, there’s logistics and stuff but their markup is just too much.
Verdict: Market! Market!, a place to visit when bored. J

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