Tuesday, February 8, 2022

A Healthier 2022: Vitabears Gummies

I never took health seriously before. I used to go out and about without thinking twice about vitamins or eating well. I do what is convenient for me, and that includes skipping supplements. I thought that the measure of being healthy is as simple as not getting sick. But this mindset changed when I had a baby. Being not sickly does not mean you're healthy. I experience hair fall, joint pains, and other discomforts that one would not categorize as being sick. This is why I took multivitamins every day while I was pregnant. I even take more supplements now postpartum! And a new addition to my daily routine is Vitabears.

Hello, Vitabears!

Vitabears is the Philippines' first vitamin gummies. It has a wide range of supplements addressing skin, hair, immune, and appetite concerns. 

I was recently gifted with its Fat Buster and Skin Vitamins to try. And I was excited to open both! 

The holidays made me binge on everything sweet and sinful. With my clothes stretched to their limit, I have to shed some of the excess weight I gained. 

Vitabears Fat Buster contains three key ingredients -- Garcinia Cambogia, Green Coffee Extract, and L-Carnitine, all known for their effectiveness in losing weight. 

Garcinia Cambogia helps suppress your appetite by increasing serotonin levels, which eventually leads to increased satiety. 

Green Coffee Extract, aside from promoting weight loss, also improves one's blood sugar and cholesterol levels. It also gives your body antioxidants.

L-Carnitine, a common element in many weight loss products, helps decrease the amount of fat that your body stores and reduce visceral belly fat. 

Vitabears' Skin Vitamins are loaded with vegan collagen booster and glutathione to help improve skin elasticity and prevent wrinkles, thinning hair, brittle nails, and weaker joints.

Skin Vitamins also contain Vitamin C to help aid collagen production. 

I loved that Vitabears come in gummies. It made me look forward to my daily dose of beauty and weight management vitamins. 

Vitabears also carries Vitamin C and Detox vitamins.

Get your Vitabears via its Lazada or Shoppee shops or visit www.vitabears.ph for its complete list of resellers and distributors.

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