Friday, November 19, 2021

Rediscovering Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream

Christmas is just a few weeks away, but there does not seem to be a sign of the Manila getting cooler anytime soon. I survive the crazy weather by staying indoors, putting the A/C on full blast, and spoiling myself with cold treats! And I'm so happy to rediscover Magnolia's Gold Label ice cream. 

Hello, Magnolia Gold Label

With almost a century of ice cream-making expertise, Magnolia delighted the Filipino market with its lip-smacking desserts. It also plays a sweet part in some of our fondest memories with our loved ones. 

Its Gold Label ice cream has always been a benchmark, and it raised the bar even higher when it shifted to using fresh carabao milk! With no artificial flavors, you are sure to get the richest and creamiest spoonfuls!

Grab classics like Double Dutch, Vanilla, and Rocky Road for those Sunday lunches with the family. Or you don't even have to wait as these are also available in pints! 

If you want something new to the palate, give S'mores, Taro White Cheese, or Avocado Macchiato a try! 

I opened a pint of S'mores, and I found it very hard to put it back in the freezer as I wanted to finish it in one sitting! I love that it was thick, creamy, and rich, yet not cloying at all!

Magnolia Gold Label is available in supermarkets! You can also get yours by visiting Magnolia's online partners. 

P.S. Here's a sweet treat for you! Get a 1.3L tub of the new Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream for only PHP295 until December 31, 2021! 

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