Thursday, December 8, 2016

Freezer Burn's Holiday Specials

Nothing screams “Christmas is near” than the good ol’ bibingka and puto bumbong. These two holiday staples are slowly popping here and there again and it is not surprising that the innovative ice cream parlor Freezer Burn will incorporate it in its offerings sooner or later.

Hello, Freezer Burn!
I was lucky to be invited by High Street's favorite dessert shop to sample some of its limited edition Christmas flavors and I decided to go for Simbang Gabi (PHP225, solo | PHP295, regular) and Santa’s Fave (PHP225, solo | PHP295, regular). Too bad I couldn’t sample all as I was alone when I dropped by and I do not have the heart to waste awesome ice cream just to take photos and a few spoonfuls. 

The place was quite packed when I dropped by and I perfectly understand why. It was so hot outside and it would make you think that it’s not Christmas at all. But seeing my two desserts suddenly made me sing Jose Mari Chan’s entire Christmas album!
I first sampled Simbang Gabi as its cotton candy was starting to melt because of the intense humidity. Though I’m crazy about salted egg, I wasn’t too crazy with its ice cream version. However, magic happened when I ate it with the freshly baked fluffy bibingka. I got to fully appreciate the not so common ice cream flavor when paired with its warm counterpart as its salty flavor popped out more. I also loved the crushed merengue bits which added texture to the dessert.
But my tastebuds were with St. Nick this time around as I liked Santa’s Fave a lot more than the offering with a Filipino twist. I may be biased here though as I love cinnamon. Santa’s Fave is composed of salted cinnamon ice cream and paired with to-die-for chocolate chip cookies. 
I couldn’t stop myself from having one spoonful after another of this dessert which also had merengue bits at the bottom! I was clearly hooked! It was like having that perfect snack Santa loves to munch on while sneaking inside the house to leave either a nice present or charcoal for the naughty kids. I loved the chocolate chip cookie so much that I brought home the last cookie and ate it with milk before going to bed. It was simply perfect!

The other holiday treats available are White Christmas (mascarpone ice cream with vanilla lava toast), Peppermint Candy Cane (peppermint candy cane ice cream with fudge brownies) and Salted Egg Milkshake. If you sampled the limited edition Halloween ice cream of Freezer Burn, you’d have an idea of what White Christmas tastes like. 

As usual, great job, Freezer Burn, Chef Miko and Chef Kristine! Again, thank you! <3

Freezer Burn is located at B3, Bonifacio High Street, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City

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