Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Love at First Bite: Carousel Creamery Handcrafted Ice Cream | 101 Flavors

It has been a while since my last lazy weekend. R and I have been out traveling for weeks and though it was fun to see new (and not so new places), it was tiring. (Oh how I hate unpacking!) So last Saturday, we decided to have a lazy day and napped the whole afternoon. But when I woke up from my slumber, my tummy was on a rampage. It was hungry and DEMANDS food ASAP. I then started to munch on the delightful Coco Banana Corn snack my officemate gave me for Christmas and I (well, with R’s help) finished it in less than one episode of Amazing Race. And since it was not enough to calm the grumpy tummy, I managed to convince R to go out (with a lot of cutie pie eyes which were not really cute) and head to Chili’s so that we could finally use the PHP 1,000 gift certificate I got from Looloo. (Stay awesome, Looloo! I love yah!) Buuut, this entry is not about Chili’s (which I will blog soon). The spotlight is on Carousel Creamery, a new ice cream place I spotted last weekend.
Hello, Carousel Creamery Handcrafted Ice Cream | 101 Flavors!
The bright black and white sign caught my attention as we brave the Missouri Street traffic last Saturday. Ice cream? 101 flavors? Oh yes please!!! Gimme all!!!
Almost all tables were occupied when we got there. But several chest freezers were still empty. Boo! That night, they had 21 flavors ready for us ice cream lovers and said that all 101 flavors will be ready in the next weeks to come. Apparently, they are still in their soft opening and last Saturday (the day I went) was their first day of operations. Sweet! I was one of the first foodies to spot this place.
They have a lot of interesting flavors such as Beer and Chicharon which have this nice malty caramel taste; Java the Hot Star Wars which was pretty much like chocolate until the spice hits you (surprise!!!); and Maple and Bacon which has real bacon bits! Bacon?!? *drooooool*
I was having a feast tasting all the weird flavors when R asked me, “Why do you keep sampling the weird flavors?” I wanted to tell him, “Because it’s weird and I love weird!” But instead of answering back, I just smiled and giddily tried the other “normal” flavors such as Ferrero which has a nice hazelnut taste and Strawberry with strawberry bits. I finally went with strawberry since R liked it too.
We went with single scoop (PHP85). Double scoop costs PHP145 while triple scoop costs PHP200. Take away pints are also available at PHP320 and sampler plate of five flavors is at PHP395. They also have savory dishes such as cheese dogs and nachos if you want to hang out in the ice cream parlor.
When I paid for my scoop, I got a token which I need to hand to the ice cream man (what do you call them?) and he gave me a decent size scoop of strawberry ice cream.
After a few snaps here and there (which was an effort since one hand was holding the cone!), I started to dig (lick?) in. And I do not regret getting this flavor. It was just the right level of sweetness and the strawberry bits were delightful! Yum!

I can’t wait to try the other flavors soon!

*Since I just ordered one flavor, let me spoil you with different shots of my cone.*

Carousel Creamery Handcrafted Ice Cream | 101 Flavors is located at 8 Missouri Street, North East, Greenhills, San Juan.


  1. Hi Mary, just rolled our Valentine's flavors! We're now up to 86!

  2. Yay!!! I'll definitely drop by again soon!


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