Saturday, March 17, 2018

Foodie Alert: National Breakfast Day at McDonald's

I absolutely hate waking up early in the morning. I stopped being a morning person after quitting my job that required me to report to the office so early in the morning. It was as if my body rebelled and could no longer function before 8 A.M. But I think I'll wake up extra early on Monday because it's National Breakfast Day!
Mark your calendars as March 19 is National Breakfast Day and you know what that means... FREE EGG MCMUFFIN. Oh wait. It's even better now. It's Longgadesal!

Longgadesal is the perfect breakfast companion for those who love longganisa or longsilog but are always on the go or have mastered the art of driving/commuting while having breakfast, putting on make-up and working on the last minute changes for the day's presentation. This easy to grab sandwich is packed with your classic favorite and can be enjoyed with or without an egg! (But come on, why not have it with egg???)

And if this is not enough for you to wake up extra early, what if I tell you that some local celebrities might be the ones behind the counter of your favorite McDonald's branch? 

So, kita-kits?

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