Thursday, March 1, 2018

Saying I Love You Sweeter with Cadbury

Valentine's Day is one of my favorite occasions to celebrate. It is the day when I could be super cheesy and not be shy about it. But as I grow older, I learn that overly sharing one's relationship status online could be a bit too much. So I downplayed it this year and gave a simple yet heart-felt gift to R. 
Knowing that R is a big fan of anything sweet, I thought of giving him chocolates. And when I found out that Cadbury came up with a special Valentine's box where your message is creatively hidden, I didn't think twice and got one for R.
But before heading back home to give R his sweet present, I decided to cheat on my I'm-going-to-downplay-my-cheesiness plan and tried the interactive booth of Cadbury at Bonifacio High Street during the most romantic day of the year and flashed to the public a little note I have for R. 
It was a fun interactive screen where you could attract or repel all the Valentine's notes on screen! Too bad I was so busy playing with it that I forgot to take a video of it!
I hung my note to the heart arc afterwards and headed straight home to surprise R with my gift. 
And... he loved it!

I can't wait for Cadbury's next plans for 2019!

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