Monday, July 4, 2016

Now Open: Freezer Burn

So this happened:

I was planning to head to Locavore for dinner last Friday as I had this intense craving for congee and knowing that Locavore has one with foie gras, I just have to go for it! So I speed walked from work and headed straight to Forbes Town...when I saw my former Yummy magazine colleagues in front of Freezer Burn.

I was super excited to try Freezer Burn's sweets as this dessert shop is the newest baby of the talented duo Chefs Miko Aspiras and Kristine Lotilla (and their awesome partner Charlie Paw) who happen to be the brilliant minds behind hits like Le Petit Souffle, Fowl Bread and Bad Bird. I was counting the days till July 2, the store's opening date to the public. 
As I love being prepared, I asked the Yummy team for their favorite picks and they practically loved everything! I was trying to check the place out when Charlie saw me from the inside. He greeted me and I shared how giddy I am to visit the store tomorrow. And that was when he asked me if I want to sample OF COURSE!!! 

Hello, Freezer Burn!

Freezer Burn is like a portal to a cool 70's or 80's American ice cream diner. Everything was adorable! The cool color palate is very Instagram-friendly! Even the buzzing wait numbers have the same light and cool color!

Chef Miko and Charlie explained to me why they call the shop Freezer Burn. It is a play of words as each composed dessert (priced at PHP295 each) is a combination of cold treat which is ice cream (freezer) and hot dish (burn). 
After a long while of checking the menu and asking Chef Miko for recommendations, I was torn between Morning Glory (Maple Bacon Ice Cream with Brioche Toast and Popcorn) and Cream of the Crop (Corn and Cheese Ice Cream with Toasted Honey Cake and Cornicks). I was also very interested in Ketchup Mayo Fries (Ketchup and Mayo Ice Cream with Salt Pepper Fries) because I love weird flavors. But I eventually got Morning Glory because of the cotton candy. While waiting, I sampled the chocolate and ketchup mayo ice cream. 
The chocolate ice cream was the best chocolate ice cream I've had to date! It was so rich and as other guests describe it, deadly. It was inspired by the thick chocolate paired with churros. No wonder it was so good!

The ketchup and mayo ice cream was brilliant as well! You could definitely taste the two condiments and both went so well together with the vanilla ice cream base. I get it why they paired it with fries. It was made for those who love eating their sundaes with fries. It was so smart of this group to create such!

My dessert was served after 5 minutes or so and it was not a long wait at all considering that there were a handful of orders before mine.

And it was so pretty. *cries*

After taking a few snapshots, I took a bite of the maple bacon ice cream and it was delicious! The bacon bits were bigger than the usual so the taste was more present. The saltiness of the bacon was well complemented by the maple syrup and base ice cream. I also loved the crunch brought by the crushed merengue on the bottom. Gosh, even the chocolate cone was divine!

The brioche and popcorn were delectable as well. The toasted buttery brioche was so fluffy and soft which was in contrast with the crunchy caramel popcorn.
Oh, and do not miss the cotton candy! What I loved about this one was that it was not too sweet making the whole dessert an overkill. (Pro tip: Do not throw the cotton candy stick as it is a pretzel!)

Freezer Burn is daily from 11 am to 11 pm. 

They will be serving their adorable drinks (with cotton candy on top making it look like a cloud on top of your drink) next week so if you visit this weekend, visit them again this coming weekend! 

I can't wait to have more!!! Congrats Tasteless Group!

Freezer Burn is located at B3, Bonifacio High Street, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. It is across Krispy Kreme. 

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