Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Revisiting Tender Bob's

I just love celebrating my birthday. But what makes me love celebrating birthday more is when I get to share it with people I cherish. Thus, this year, I decided to message one of my closest friends (we’ve been friends for 19 years and hoping for it to reach 60!) and invited her to dinner with my mom and sister.

I actually wanted to eat at Cyma but since I was with my sister, I had to give way and we decided to have dinner at a restaurant a few steps away from the Greek restaurant I simply adore. Hello again, Tender Bob’s!

The homey American restaurant’s server quickly guided us to our seats and handed the menus. I was still full from the ribs I ate for lunch while A was not very hungry and I (her boyfriend) is on a strict diet. We then decided to order food for sharing instead.

We then decided to try the Meat Platter (PHP990). We also ordered Mussel Pasta (PHP388) and my sister’s all-time favorite, Chicken Tenders Original Recipe (PHP220).
The chicken tenders arrived first and the fries never fail to tempt me and eat a lot of it. I just love fries made from REAL potatoes. I also love the honey mustard sauce. For more of the chicken tenders, click here.

Next served was the meat platter. It was not as big as I thought but hey, for PHP990, this is a steal!
I was surprised that there was chicken. I thought that everything was, well, beef. Nonetheless, the combination of rib eye steak, roastedchicken, pork chops, and baby back ribs (which reminded me of what I had for lunch earlier that day), were well cooked. My favorite was the rib eye steak as it was oh so tender. But I needed to add a bit of sauce as it was not very tasty.
I was pretty happy with the mussel pasta as it had a pretty generous serving of mussels. The pasta was also well cooked and I just love the bit of tanginess from the tomato sauce. Yum!
See the free crepe? :D
We also got a free crepe as a birthday treat for A and me! Yey! I really love Tender Bob’s especially when it’s someone’s birthday!

Tender Bob’s is located at 6F Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Mandaluyong City.

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  1. Ohhhh that chicken fingers looks tasty!! and of course, that meat platter looks so sulit as well!! :)


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