Monday, March 12, 2012

Restaurant Discovery: Lusso

I am seriously addicted to salmon! Every time I get to see salmon being offered, I order it. Sashimi, baked, or whatnot, I must try it. 

I finally reached the point of being “quarter of a century”. It makes one feel a lot older, right? *sigh* But one nice thing that comes with age is TONS of experiences and memories. It may be good or bad, but hey, it makes you who you are now. (Well, if we try to connect it with salmon, it may sound weird, but I hope you get my point.)

Anyway, Frannywanny asked me a few Sundays ago if I was free for dinner at Lusso. It was actually my birthday but since my family usually celebrates my birthday over lunch, I said I could join her and her lovely cousins.
I’ve never heard of this place before but based on how excited Frannywanny was, I bet it’s a good restaurant. And, boy, was it posh-looking. Unlike other restaurants with screaming signages, this restaurant was pretty simple with its name on its door handle. It was wittily done too using a long L as both the signage and a decorative piece for the entrance.

We all met at around 7:30 and everyone was on time. The table reserved for us (a group of 13) was situated outside. But since it was rather hot that day, we requested for the tables inside to be merged to accommodate the big group and the servers gladly followed.

Luckily, the foodies who must take photos before eating (Frannywanny, Lovely, and I) were all at the far end of the table so we felt less guilty of making a few people wait before they could touch the food.

The ones I tried were: Lusso Truffle Potato Crisps (PHP150), Pan-Seared Salmon with Orange Salt (PHP550), and a bit of Shepherd’s Pie Braised Lamb (PHP575).
The Lusso Truffle Potato Crisps were indeed crispy yet for some reason, I couldn’t taste the truffle. It was also a bit oily. Nonetheless it was an enjoyable appetizer.

Now for the entrées.
The Pan-Seared Salmon was L-O-V-E. I was smiling the whole time. I just love how fresh the salmon was and how well it was cooked.
The caviar and the green beans made the dish even more special. My mistake though was skipping the deep fried salmon skin. It somehow scared me. (Odd.)
The Shepherd’s Pie Braised Lamb wasn’t my order so I just had a bit of it. (Let me gush how cute the little metal pot was before I continue. ISN’T IT THE MOST CHARMING BLACK POT?! Okay, I’m done.) The lamb’s meat was really soft and succulent.
I just loved how well it went with the mashed potato. What was weird though was that I didn’t get a hint of prunes at all. It was not sweet. Perhaps the saltiness of the lamb overpowered it. But, as N (who ordered it) and now his sister V would describe the dish, it was the bomb (a.k.a. delicious).

I’d love to go back for more of that salmon and I’d definitely try their desserts next time.

Lusso is located at the Ground Floor, Greenbelt 5, Legaspi St. Makati City.

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