Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My First Bite: Lord Stow's Bakery

I think I have already shared several times how much I love Binondo. No, it’s not because I’m Chinese (as I “was” a frustrated Japanese wannabe loving everything Japanese!). It was because I get to discover and experience a lot of things here that I normally wouldn’t if I roam around my “territory” (as some of my friends call it). Kalesa rides, haggling for fruit prices, seeing chicken feet and head vacuum sealed, and more—I don’t think I’ll ever experience that in my territory.

During my fourth trip to Binondo last year, a CS friend of mine got so excited to see a bakeshop. I was… confused. Apparently, it is known for its egg tarts and it is actually an international bakeshop. *Ooh*

Hello, Lord Stow’s Bakery!
It was rather odd though that her excitement never pushed me to buy a box of my own. I guess I was too lazy to carry a box knowing that we were going to Intramuros (my favorite place ever… here in Manila).

Then the food gods conspired and made my other friends message me how good Lord Stow’s egg tarts are… randomly (and note that they do not even belong to the same group of friends). I simply replied, “Yeah! It’s sooooo good :)” just so I won’t feel like a cavewoman version of a foodie. But seriously?!? Was it that good?

I had several opportunities to buy some as I sometimes visit Podium and Market! Market! but I always forget because of the same reason—too lazy to carry a box of egg tarts while walking around. *Note to self: Must get used to carrying plastic while walking around the mall.*

Then finally, one lucky Saturday, I got the chance to visit Lord Stow’s Bakery… again, in Binondo. I bought two boxes of 6 but gave one to my friend who was with me that day.
When I got home, I made sure to have it chilled so that it’d be oh-so-yummy for breakfast. (I read though that egg tarts taste way better when hot.)

Morning came (and it was birthday too!) and my first meal was… Lord Stow’s egg tarts!!! It was good! The custard was really creamy and sweet (though not very sweet making it still pretty much a nice treat for the diabetic foodies but try to keep it to just one tart). The crust was also soft and a bit flaky. Yummy! N, the recipient of box #2 liked it too!

I will definitely buy some more… but perhaps at a branch near my “territory”. :)

Lord Stow’s Bakery has branches in Binondo, Glorietta 4, Market! Market!, Banawe, Quezon City, South Wing, Mall of Asia, and Podium.


  1. I love eggtarts too! How did you reheat the tarts in the morning?

  2. how much for a box?

    thanks for sharing will try one out in Glorietta this weekend

  3. @Lovely: I think you need to use an oven to reheat it. Haven't tried the microwave. Not sure though if it will work.

    @I think it's around PHP42 per piece. Sorry, I wasn't able to note it. Got too excited to buy and jump to Baker's Fair (for that cube hopia). :D


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