Friday, March 30, 2012

Date A Girl Who "Really" Eats

The hit articles “Date a girl who reads” and “Date a girl who travels” gave me an idea to write my own version of “Date a girl who eats” then I found this article by Twenteensomething. After reading the article, it made me reconsider writing an article about it as the one written by Bianca Consunji, the person behind the blog, was really good. But I was raised to never give up without trying. So here goes my version of… Date a Girl who “Really” Eats. 
Date a girl who really eats. Date a girl who would not hesitate to dine in an eat-all-you-can restaurant for she knows that eat-all-you-can does not really mean eat till your pants rip into P1 and P2. She knows how to pace herself thus mastering the art of buffet dining.

Date a girl who would not turn down chocolates as she believes that life is too short to deny one’s self of things scrumptious. (Unless, she really is allergic to chocolates.) She wouldn’t mind getting her fingers dirty with melted chocolates and would not care to lick it all off. Hey, chocolate is still chocolate no matter what shape it is.
Take her to a hole in a wall restaurant and she’ll surely love it. Though occasional trips to luxurious restaurants may excite her, she’s not really the type who’s all into fancy dining as she had her fair share of eating great and amazing dishes in places even you might find appalling. You see, it’s easy to please a girl who really eats as she values the quality of food not the price tag that comes with it. Impressing her with an extravagant dish from a fancy restaurant may not work especially if all she was just asking for is a stick of barbeque from the stall across the street.
A girl who really eats is adventurous and can be relied on when the topic is food. Whether it’s an out of town trip because of a random craving to a food trip out of nowhere to joining the most absurd eating events, you can count on her smiling and be there beside you ready with her spoon and fork (and perhaps some tummy medicines… just in case).
Date her as she is sensitive, and no, not the crying-all-the-time type of sensitive. She can feel when something is wrong as watching countless people eat has helped her differentiate a happy diner from an I-knew-it-this-wasn’t-a-good-order person. She’d instantly know when you’re upset or not feeling well. Who knew eating has helped her sharpen her skills to become a psychologist?
The place where you'd always find her.
You’d often see her walking around the mall with hands full with bags of food finds she could not wait to share with her family and friends. Whenever she dines out, she’d say, “I’ll bring (name of family member or friend) here next time.”

The only thing though with  the girl who really eats is that you’d have a hard time getting a vain photo from her as most, if not all, of her photos in her camera is filled with food shots… lots of it. Best to get a photo of her is to sneakily take a picture of her. But not while she’s eating! You’ve been warned.
Even though she likes her meal, she'd still save you a piece for you to try.
Keep her as girls who really eat are hard to find. But if you think that bringing her to great restaurants, discovered or unknown is enough, you’d better think again for a girl who really eats is more complicated than that.



  1. Very nice take, Mary Love. Ako rin, a girl who reads, travels, and loves to eat hehe

  2. I see a photo I took with your cam! ;D

    Pano na yan? I must be perfect as I read, travel and eat! HAHAHAHA! *kablag*

  3. Thanks, Aleah! :) For some reason though, I can't make this entry as endearing as yours.

    See you soon!

  4. Thanks, Lovely! <3 See you soon for an (m)eat all you can!

  5. love this ML!! :) well written indeed!! Tajimaya soon ML and Lovely!


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