Monday, March 19, 2012

My First Bite: Kogi Bulgogi

It feels so surreal when you have to say goodbye to someone you get used to seeing almost every day. It never fails to make you feel that sharp pinch to the heart when you bid farewell and you know that it’s for good or at least for a long time. Despedidas are often organized to create last hurrah memories and S’s dinner/KTV night sure made her… legendary.

This is it. S’s last Friday with us. *upside down smile*
We decided to have dinner at Kogi Bulgogi after T2 recommended the place (because of its affordable menu and great tasting dishes).
The place was packed when we arrived and despite having a reservation, we had to wait for a few minutes before getting a table. While waiting, we decided to check the menu so that as soon as we get to sit down, we already know what to order. 
After 10 minutes or so, we finally got a table for a group of 5 which was positioned beside the ice cream freezer (oh temptation!). We quickly ordered as our tummies were about to get really angry. I ordered the following: Haemul Pa Jeon (PHP158), Salmon Sashimi (PHP218), Tuk Bulgogi (PHP298), Japchae (PHP218), and Bibimbap (PHP165). Before you judge me, I shared most of this with S and T1.
First dish that arrived was the Haemul Pa Jeon, mixed seafood pancakes.
It was your typical Korean pancakes. The seafood taste was very mild. Actually, I find it a bit bland so dipping it in the sauce is a must. 
Next served was the Japchae. This yummy, rather oily noodles dish is a staple order every time I dine in a Korean restaurant. The vermicelli was cooked well and was really enjoyable to eat. Semi sweet, the beef, pork, and vegetables added texture and more flavors to the dish.
The Tuk Bulgogi was served next and it was divine! I still remember eating bulgogi which was placed on a sizzling plate. I was really surprised. But here at Kogi Bulgogi, I got the chance to eat again the bulgogi I know… with soup. 
The beef was truly soft and each ingredient included—especially the mushrooms and vegetables (which added crunch) were really delectable. It was also rather sweet so eating it with rice is ideal.
Next dish served was my Salmon Sashimi. It was served really cold and it was not the soft, smooth type. *disappointed* But hey, Kogi Bulgogi is a Korean restaurant. I can’t really expect superb Japanese dish here but then again…
Last served was Bibimbap. Around this time, we were already pretty full. We hardly touched the bibimbap, except me mixing it like crazy and taking three big spoonfuls to go with tuk bulgogi. 
The bibimbap was rather dry and bland. Or it could have been overpowered by the rich taste of the bulgogi.
I’d definitely go back for more of Tuk Bulgogi. I’ll also order an ice cream or two if I’m not with Mr. Cough or Ms. Sniffles.
We miss you already, S!
Kogi Bulgogi is located at 2nd Floor, Eastwood Mall Veranda, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave. Libis, Quezon City. To reserve, call 470-6884 to 85.

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