Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lunchtime at Chatime

I just love going on a date with my dad! These dates give us the needed father-daughter bonding plus heart-to-heart talk. I find it extremely funny though how much our conversation topics evolved from me being a spoiled brat begging for a new toy or whatnot to us talking about career, life, and everything in between (which mostly involves food and me being shipped to another country!).

My dad randomly called me around 11:30 a.m. on a weekday (which means I was at work). He asked me if I want to have lunch and since I only have meatloaf as lunch that day, I said YES as I normally decline because of the long line to the elevator. We planned to have lunch at Milky and Sunny but there was no parking space. Same for Nav and Poco Deli. We then decided to have lunch instead at Chatime as they now serve food.
We were lucky as the line was still short when we arrived. I ordered two orders of Pepper Salt Chicken Chops with Annatto Rice Pilaf (PHP75 for the chicken chops and PHP18 for the rice pilaf) and Parmesan Fries (PHP65). I had my usual ChocolateMousse while my dad tried one of the newest drinks of Chatime.
The chicken chops and rice annatto rice pilaf was served in about 10 minutes and surprisingly, it was served lukewarm. My dad had to ask the server for a new bowl of rice as he doesn’t want his rice reheated. 

As a hungry worker, I didn’t mind the rather cold rice and finished my meal in less than 20 minutes.
The chicken chops were quite crispy and the peppery taste brought out the taste of the chicken. It was the classic crispy on the outside, tender and quite juicy in the inside. 
This dish is something kids would also love as the peppery taste doesn’t mean that it is spicy. The annatto rice pilaf went well with it as well. The herby taste of the rice and the crispy breading were oh-so-yummy!!!
The parmesan fries was pretty good too. It was quite crispy and you could definitely taste the parmesan. See the powder? Do not keep it for long though as it tastes best when fresh.
Chatime is located at Pioneer Center, Pioneer St. Mandaluyong City.

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