Thursday, March 29, 2012

My First Bite: Xoi Vietnamese Kitchen

I love trying out new restaurants. A huge smile is always plastered on my face whenever I see a new establishment while mentally jotting down, “Must try this place soon.” I’m lucky that my family, at some moments, especially when they are hungry, is as adventurous as I am. Thus one day, we found ourselves in yet another Vietnamese inspired restaurant.

Hello, Xoi Vietnamese Kitchen!
I had my heart and tummy targeted on another restaurant but my mom insisted that we try this place out instead as she was too hungry to walk.

As we entered, the server attended to us right away and gave us the menu. Since this was my first time to dine here, I carefully read the menu and decided to go for the following: Bo Luc Lac (PHP350), Goi Cuon (PHP150), Pho Bo (PHP195), Cha Gio (PHP150), a bowl of Jasmine rice (PHP50) and two glasses of House Iced Tea (PHP65/glass).
The first dish served was the Goi Cuon or better known as fresh spring rolls. You could definitely see that it was stuffed with shrimps, pork, noodles and lettuce. My mom loved it and enjoyed dipping it in the sweet nutty sauce. I on the other hand am not fond of fresh spring rolls. I prefer the deep fried version. (Not as healthy but yummier!)
The next dish served was the Cha Gio or popularly known as crispy rolls with pork, mushroom, and vermicelli. This one also has bits of crabs. I liked this one! It sure was tasty! It sure was crunchy and the pork was savory. The serving, too, was generous. Then again, it failed to beat my all time love, Pho Hoa. It didn’t have the same juicy pork and the oh-so-yummy mildly sweet vinegar of Pho Hoa’s.

Now for the Pho Bo.
For a price of PHP195, it sure was affordable as the serving was quite generous. The bowl of noodles too was good and filling. It was the chewy type as well so it was love. The serving of meat was also abundant given the price. It had this herb taste that definitely screams… Vietnamese noodles.
Last served was the Bo Luc Lac and the serving seemed to be a bit stingy. The meat was not the soft and tender type and chewing the meat required a bit of effort.  Nonetheless, it was succulent and tasty. It was not too salty or oily. It was seasoned right but I had better Bo Luc Lac before.  

I haven’t tried the desserts as my mom is still on a (sort of) diet. I need to sacrifice a bit for her to lose those extra fats.

Our bill reached over a thousand and I was not that happy with the dinner. However, I’d go back for more of the Pho Bo.

Xoi Vietnamese Kitchen is located at 5th Floor, SM Megamall Atrium, Mandaluyong City.

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