Monday, March 5, 2012

A Pre-Valentine's dinner with Mr. Kurosawa

My colleagues T1 and T2 (just so we could differentiate their names and believe me, they actually have the same sounding name as they were just a few letters off) planned a pre-Valentine’s dinner at Eastwood and I gamely joined them (and let me stop myself before I start to over share).

I hardly frequent Eastwood as I find it a bit far from my place and I’m pretty happy to stroll around Rockwell or Shangri-la as these malls have some of my favorite restaurants and retail stores. But for some reason, I end up wandering around for two consecutive Fridays (excluding this pre-Valentine’s).
Anyway, I was getting off topic. Let’s go back to the pre-Valentine’s dinner. T1, T2, and I agreed to have dinner at Mr. Kurosawa. I, as a foodie who hardly visits Eastwood, got excited as I have never dined there and it caught my eye the last time I went there with a fellow foodie. Finally, I will get to taste Mr. Kurosawa’s cooking. Sort of.
Moshi moshi, Kurosawa-san!

The first thing I noticed in Mr. Kurosawa was how similar it was with Sumo Sam. Same owner, same cuisine, same heavy menu.
My friend N joined us for dinner and we decided to try the following: Dynamite Roll (PHP178), Beef Teppan (PHP358), Bacon Wrapped Dory (PHP238), and Salmon Sashimi (PHP208).
I was not bored while waiting for I heard from T2 that the names of the servers were all made up. One server’s name is Kobe while we got star-struck with Mazinger Z! (I actually never watched that show but I heard that it was a popular one back in the 70s.)
After a few minutes, my salmon sashimi was served and it was bliss. I just love salmon! It was fresh and it was very delightful to eat. The soft texture of the salmon with the kick of wasabi made me happy throughout the dinner.

Soon, the other three dishes were served.
I was at first hesitant to try the Dynamite Roll for the name alone screams SPICY. But it wasn’t as spicy as I thought. Believe me when I say something is not very spicy as my tolerance for spicy food is really… lame. It was actually just like a maki roll with a bit of spice. My frightful taste buds approve of this dish.
The Bacon Wrapped Dory was also a good dish as the saltiness of the bacon added oomph to the rather bland dory. The different textures also went well with each other.
The Beef Teppan on the other hand was not the most tender beef teppan but it was definitely well seasoned. I love how it was not overly salty making me eat chunk after chunk. This dish though had to be eaten with rice or else you’ll get tired of this dish easily. I also enjoyed munching on the vegetables that went with the beef.

As an added bonus, we got free ice cream because T2 has an Enjoy card. Yey!

I’d definitely come back to try the other dishes soon.

Mr. Kurosawa is located at the Ground Floor, Eastwood Mall Veranda, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., Libis, Quezon City.

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