Monday, April 2, 2012

My Best Food Forward Finds

I just love food events. Not only do I get to be surrounded by yummy food, I also get to sample and discover new food finds. 

Last weekend was yet another yummy weekend as Best Food Forward held yet another foodie event at the NBC Tent. I was quite sick that day so the pain of seeing sweets was too much to handle. I had to force myself from taking samples.
Fortunately, there were still a lot of other savory dishes that I was able to sink my teeth into. Here’s my top 5 finds:

Carlo’s Kitchen Crunchy Belly (PHP130, comes with rice)
I just love how the crispy the pork belly was and that it was not oily at all making it less sinful. My mom can’t help buying two orders of it. It was like eating chicharon with more pork meat. If your order is from a newly cooked batch, let it cool for a while to make sure that it’ll be crunchy. :D

Fuji Mama’s Takoyaki (PHP50, 5 pcs.)
My mom got mesmerized with the word takoyaki as she has never tried it before. She quickly ordered one while I was still dazed and trying to stand up straight. Soon, I found myself munching it. The takoyaki was drizzled with a sweet sauce which I believe was honey mustard. It was served HOT! For PHP50, it was good. I just hoped that they were not so generous with the sauce so that I could taste the takoyaki more.

Our Kitchen’s Korean Beef Stew (PHP405 for solo)
Our Kitchen specializes in no cook meals for those on the go individuals. I actually had my reservations about pre-cooked meals as I prefer meals made by my mom or grandma from scratch (for it has more, cliché as it may sound, love). But my mom was the ultimate foodie that day and she decided to buy a pack for us to try at home. She bought a box of Korean Beef Stew which she packed as my lunch a few days ago. IT WAS GOOD! My mom was actually disappointed that the meat had more fat than actual meat but the taste was really good. The meat (or the few of it) was really tender and was marinated well. The price was a bit steep though for the serving.

Choclery Artisan Chocolates (PHP200 for a box of 5)
I actually saw this before during the UTT last November but it did not leave any impression on me though my good friend J told me that they offer really good chocolates. So, when I saw it during the BFF, I did not let the opportunity pass and bought a box (even though I was not allowed to eat sweets). As a person who loves sweets, I am not very fond of milk chocolate (well, I used to when I was a kid till I discovered dark chocolates). I tried the 60% Dark Truffle, Kahlua Espresso, and Almond Cointreau and I instantly fell in love with the Dark Truffle and Almond Cointreau. The Kahlua Espresso was a bit sweet so I skipped that one.

QQ Mochibuns (PHP160 for a bag of 6 mini mochi buns)
This is perhaps my favorite food discovery. Not only do they sell healthy food, it sure was tasty. Do not be deceived by the rather bland first taste. Munching on the chewy dough sure was delightful. But what I loved about these buns was that there’s this surprise kick of taste after a few seconds. I love love love the dark chocolate mochi buns!

I’m sure that there are a lot more great finds around but after walking around for a bit, I got so dizzy that I had to go home ASAP. I’ll definitely look forward to taste PINT's ice cream as my mom told me that its ice cream was really good. 


  1. Thank you for including us in your Top 5 pick during the BFF event!!! Come see us again soon in Mercato! Hi to your foodie mom!!

  2. We really enjoyed it! I'll definitely see you again soon! :D


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