Monday, October 3, 2011

Yakitake Japan Moment: Dezaato Pan Breads Sweets Café

For some reason, I wake up really early on weekends. Last Saturday, I woke up at 5am (to think that it was such a “bed” weather) because I was super hungry. It was also the same day of my food trip so I decided to stick with just some bread and jam.
My friend sent me an SMS telling me that everyone cancelled for breakfast. Well, it was not such a surprise for an 8:30am call time on a rainy Saturday morning screams SLEEP.

But determined to well… eat, my friend and I decided to have breakfast somewhere. The original plan was to try Marina at the Mall of Asia but since it was raining, we decided to change the plan a bit. We drove through Katipunan only to realize that most stores were still closed and those up and running were either fast food chains or restaurants that serve food I “was” not allowed to eat then. 

Soon, we found ourselves stuck in a light traffic going to Tomas Morato.  
We finally settled in Dezaato Pan, a quaint café known for its bread and cake. 

The almost empty shelves gave me an impression that we were extremely early. We only had a handful of choices. I found the Kani and Corn Salad (PHP49) interesting. Okay, the “new” on the signage was the culprit. But it did seem promising.
They also serve gelato and milk shakes but those were some of the few (okay, many) items I “was” not allowed to eat. 
In the end, I gave in and ordered Macrero Rocher gelato (PHP75) since the server told me that it was their bestseller. My friend on the other hand settled for the Nocciola (PHP75) flavor.
 “Ma’am, do you want us to heat your bread for you?” Proactive. I like that.
After a minute or two, my bread arrived. It looked pretty ordinary. The bread was quite soft (a.k.a. still new) and… for some reason it tasted so familiar with the bread I was addicted to when I was in Korea… SHANY SAUSAGE BREAD. 
Well, it must have been the bread with corn combination. The only difference was that this one had kani (crab) instead of sausage and it had black sesame seeds all over it. Still, it was good. If only it had more filling. It was mostly just bread. 
As for the forbidden dessert…
The Nocciola gelato was pretty okay. It tasted like hazelnut but the texture was not smooth or creamy. 
The case was the same with the Macrero Rocher. It had bits of the pieces of Ferrero Rocher but that was about it. The texture was not smooth. In fact, it was rather icy… one thing I do not like about ice cream, gelato and yogurts. 

I liked the bread I had. I’ll most likely try the cakes and milk shakes. But I’ll probably skip the gelato.

Dezaato Pan is located at Sgt. Alacaraz cor. Banawe, Quezon City.


  1. For me their ice cream flavors are promising but failed to pass my taste. Not bad but IMO they need to improve a little. Medyo nakaka-suya din.

  2. I agree. The bread's worth another trip though. Plus, the cakes look delightful.

  3. True, If I'm right at night they offer 50%off I think breads(maybe cakes too) maybe when you're out with family at night you can pass by but even without the discount price is reasonable. :)


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