Friday, October 21, 2011

First Bite: Cookbook Kitchen

I woke up at 4am craving for bulalo. This is the moment when I realized that my tummy has finally taken over my mind.

Random craving. Random dinner plans. Random desserts.
I told my friend about my food craving and he suggested that we get bulalo for dinner. However, that didn’t push through because my mom told me that she will cook bulalo for breakfast tomorrow. I just can’t resist homemade meals.

Thus we decided to go to Cookbook Kitchen instead.
As Cookbook newbies, we checked the menu thoroughly. Yet, we were still clueless on which ones to try. We opted to ask the server choose for us. “What are your bestsellers?”

The server suggested Gen’s Steak (PHP380). The Wasabi Soy Fish (PHP300) caught the eye of my friend so we also ordered that. We also ordered Cream of Squash (PHP140) for appetizer.
The Cream of Squash was cute. Say what? Yes, it was cute. They played with the cream and used it as decoration. Mine had flower scribbles while my friend’s had the words “Squash… Soap?” I’m sure they meant Soup. :)
It was tasty, sweet, and quite thick. I’d say that it was not a very good appetizer BUT this helped please my grumbling tummy.

The Gen’s Steak and the Wasabi Soy Fish were served at the same time. The service was quick (or perhaps it was because there were only two tables they needed to serve).

The Gen’s Steak, known for it being cooked with eight herbs and spices, had a very familiar taste. We had a hard time remembering which dish it had a familiar herby taste though.
The meat was cut thinly thus it was easy to cut. It was also tender and not oily. The herbal taste made it quite interesting.

As for the Wasabi Soy Fish, it tasted like a Chinese dish… Lapu-Lapu with sweet sauce. Just like this popular dish, the Wasabi Soy Fish was quite sweet and the fish was very soft. There was a hint of wasabi though as the dish was cool to the palate.
The place was nice and I heard that they also serve this fish fillet that’s really good (with mayonnaise as its special ingredient). I just hope that they would play something more upbeat (but not heavy metal level) as they played slow sleepy songs when we were there.
Cute! The fake blood was kinda rubbery. (Fine, I have weird taste)
Cookbook Kitchen is located at 1880-A Building, Eastwood City, Quezon City.


  1. Hahaha "fake blood.." LOL Their food was a bit too sweet as well. Serving was big though and taste okay. :) Now for your US food trip entries naman. :) Probably very mouth watering.

  2. The Pasta Al Adobo? Ooh, I'll try that then (and perhaps the Helen's Moist Chocolate Cake too). Thanks for sharing. :)


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