Friday, October 28, 2011

L.A. Food Find Favorite: Porto's Bakery

“I need to buy some potato balls” was what our family friend said. Potato balls? Baby potatoes… those you bake and dip with butter? Apparently not. It was so much better.
After a quick stop at Ross, TJ Maxx, Nordstrom, and Staple, our friend asked us if we could drop by Porto’s on our way back home. Since we were clueless what that is, we said, “Sure!”
We were greeted by brown interiors and furniture (what’s with cafés and the color brown?) and I can’t help but notice that there was also a party store on the second floor.
*Confused* I wasn’t sure if I could check the pastries first before lining up (for people might think that I was cutting in line) or if I should patiently wait for my turn, take my time browse through the different mouthwatering sweets and savory dishes. Anyway, with the help of my dear (how I wish it was longer) neck, I was able to find something I fancy (plus the famous Porto’s Potato Balls). I called out to my mom and pointed out the Triple Chocolate Mousse while my sister stared at her so eagerly and pointed with her mouth the Chocolate Éclair and Tiramisu. Since we heard that the Cheese Rolls were popular too, we ordered 3 of that as well.
We hurriedly went back home to try the goodies.
First off were some sweets.
The Triple Chocolate Mousse was LOVE AT FIRST TASTE. It was very soft and creamy. Velvety to the max! The top layer seemed to be a bit dark. There was a hint of coffee as well. It was not too sweet thus making it extremely addicting. The rice crispies (the round chocolates on top) and the strawberries added texture to this delicious dessert.
The Chocolate Éclair was also good though it was quite similar to Dulcinea’s only it was softer and the cream was lighter.
The tiramisu’s flavor was a bit too light for us. Though it sure was fluffy.
As for the famous potato balls. It was love. I felt like I was in (uhm) potato heaven! The outer layer was a bit crunchy because of the breading but the inside was filled with baked potato (actually, it was more of mashed) and ground meat (not really sure if it was pork or beef) that reminded me of my mom’s spaghetti every Christmas. It was really savory. Quite heavy though as I could only eat 3 potato balls in one sitting.
The cheese rolls were very much delightful. Creamier than expected, the tangy taste of the cheese was still there. Definitely a must order for cheese lovers!  
I never thought that I would get so addicted to potato balls to the point of daydreaming about it. I will truly miss Porto’s and the potato balls. I will definitely visit L.A. again in the near future and buy more! I'd even consider moving to L.A. if I get an assurance that I will get a lifetime supply of potato balls and triple chocolate mousse.

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