Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Got Crumbs?

Hello Americana! This place is love. It had a lot of nice places to visit and there’s a trolley!!!
Our family friend suggested that we stop over Crumbs before heading back home. Curious as it sounded a place serving edible items, we said, “game!”
Ooh, it’s a café! Just like other cafés, the place was predominantly brown in terms of interior with the oh-so-good aroma of coffee. Don’t you just love the smell of freshly roasted coffee? (cue: drool now)
We ordered 4 cupcakes (mine was S’mores, $3.75).
As soon as we got back home, I started to munch on my cupcake. 
*bite bite bite* Mmmmmmmmm…
It was very moist and chocolatey. The graham on top was soft yet having it with the cupcake added texture. There was also a marshmallow in the middle. It was an extremely delightful treat. I can’t wait to buy more!
As for the other cupcakes, I was able to take a bite from each one as well (but I failed to get the names). Each one was good. Every cupcake was moist as well but the one below was the best among the three. (I still prefer the S’mores.)
Food tripping is so much fun! I can’t wait to visit The Cheesecake Factory.  

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